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Vendido por samurai media.

Tertlias_Anotaes 772 a 1315

Mandaod enviaremos desde Jap? Por favor, denos d? Tenga en cuenta que est? Si quiere asegurarse en detalle del estado del producto, no deje de ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

Todos los libros con los que trabajamos est? Imagen no disponible Imagen no disponible del Color: Juno [DVD de Audio]. Regalos de Navidad para los amantes del ocio. La Ciudad De Las Estrellas: Detalles del producto Audio: Mostrando de 4 opiniones. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en mandadp momento.

Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. Un steelbook muy trabajado y bonito tanto por fuera como por dentro. De hecho, el Blu-Ray te lo detecta y te lo predetermina como idioma principal. Una compra de Ver las manndado opiniones. This review isn’t about the movie itself, but about the “Digital Copy” included with the Blu-ray disk.

The digital copy is an actual file located on a 2nd disk that you copy onto your hard drive. You have to set up copyright protection through Fox, and once that’s done you install and watch it on your Mac or PC, or watch it on any device that has iTunes or Windows Media.

It cannot be watched on your TV through a service such as Vudu, however I know, I know I still have the Blu-ray, but I’m too lazy to get up, find the DVD, take out the DVD in the player, put in this one, sit back down and go through the menus. I mean, who has time to go through all that!! Cuz you know, they say pregnancy often leads to, you mandaod Good friends Paulie Bleeker Michael Cera and his sixteen-year-old ‘friend’ Juno MacGuff Ellen Page decide while up in his bedroom chilling out to horror movies that it might be a fun idea to make out a little, then, oops, they went way overboard.


Now Juno faces pregnancy in her junior year of high school. Having a friend in Leah Olivia Thirlby who sticks with her from her hamburger phone call placed to the helpline and going to a place where Juno quickly exits and decides to go full term and adopt out ‘the’ baby to a ‘deserving’ couple. The two girls find the Lorings in the PennySaver free newspaper personal ads and strike gold while sitting in a park one day.

Super classy – not like those people with the fake woods in the background. Honestly who do they think they’re fooling”? Her father Mac MacGuff and second wife Bren support her decision with their equal senses of amazing humor and helpful cynicism – I wonder where Juno gets it from? Overall, this movie is crammed with a sarcastic rapport, and words you may think are very quick to catch. Mainly Juno’s one-liners and quips are now classic for movie quoting that I hear everywhere and all of the time; from “pork swords” to “the stink eye” to “her house smells like soup”, and the many other catch phrases which are also crammed into this super smart script Bravo to a new type of full season come around in a circle – starting with Juno finding out her “eggo is preggo” in Autumn and going into all the other three.

This is an informative and hilarious script that shows that the young people have brains and their vulnerabilities show at the same time. A film well worth your time for its obvious humor that runs over but also its underlying poignancy. There are some real heartfelt moments. I recommend this for the great dialog in the entire brilliant cast and for a fun watch.

This movie runs the gamut of emotions, with comedy in the background of the entirety. I Love the charismatic Juno.

Tertlias_Anotaes a – [PDF Document]

Keeps her sense of self through a very difficult situation. Funny, touching and a bit sad at times, with quite a few laughs, with honest feelings. It’s rated PG13, inuuno don’t be surprised when there are things that you might not want younger children to view.

Juno is one of those rare films, like ‘s “Jerry McGuire” which starred Tom Cruise in one of his greater performances, that leaves you feeling good and refreshed after youve seen it, then makes you want to tell someone else to see it, then youll see it again as if you didnt see it already.


The great Ellen Page i love her plays Juno, a cute, hip, at times smart-alecky teen whose life is turned upside down after she mancado shes pregnant by her nijuno friend.

I know some people made a slight fuss over this film because they thought it was glorifying teen pregnancy, but i think they totally missed the point. The filmmakers, including director Jason Reitman and first time scriptwriter Diablo Cody, handle this scenario with wit and msndado sweetness that doesnt seep into annoyance or contrivance, which another filmmaker mightve felt compelled to do.

This is a great film with characters that we totally invest our time and energy with, from J. Simmons as Juno’s understanding yet firm dad, to Allison Janney as her no-nonsense stepmom, all the way to Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner as the young yuppie couple who want to adopt Juno’s baby but have some major issues of their own, to Michael Cera, great as the young, innocent soon to be dad.

There is not a bad performance in the bunch, none whatsoever. I saw this film in a theatre and loved it simply because here was a story that didnt have car explosions, shootouts, nasty people screaming foul language at each other A perfect prego film centers around a young but wise beyond her year’s girl Juno and how she handles being a teen mom of the day. Many stars do what good stars do best, act well.

The plot, the music, and the acting are all on cue to give you a modern family that goes the distance to fix an unfixable situation. Good choice for that pre-teen!

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