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A way of entitlement for managersI read ancient perspicacious Thirukkural two times. Being a student of development management academy I. Study on ancient Tamil didactic verse work, Tirukkur̲al by Tiruvaḷḷuvar. Management Mantras from Thirukkural (Paperback) / Author: S.M. Veerappan / Author: T. Srivasan ; ; Management & management techniques, .

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Management Mantras from Thirukkural – S.M. Veerappan, T. Srivasan – Google Books

Write your own thiruklural Customer reviews From the critics. Jan 3, The attributes of an ideal kingdom mentioned in the ancient text are equally applicable to the contemporary corporate world.

The Thirukkural is one of the most important works in the Tamil language. We also need to have the knack of getting our timing right! Overview mantraa Management Mantras from Thirukkural The present study highlights in a very interesting manner-how management issues have been dealt with in Thirukkural, the celebrated Tamil literary work of the Sangam age.

12 Management Mantras by Thiruvalluvar

Notify me of new posts via email. When it comes to cautioning leaders and managers against amorous advances within the confines of their place of work, Thirukkural is silent. Cancel reply Enter your comment here A result-oriented but relaxed culture results into greater happiness of its employees.


Here managemenh an English version of Thirukkural!

Restraining anger is important. This site uses cookies. Decision making ability The couplet beautifully brought out the importance of decision making ability for the king and ministers.

Leadership is more of an attitude and a way of living and behaving. His approach reflects that these are the necessary lineament for good job. Thirukkural thirhkkural chapters which are intended for developing and managing kingdoms. The english translation of the couplet followed by the number of the couplet is mentioned first followed by the quote. There is something so effective and beautiful in ancient texts.

– 12 Management Mantras by Thiruvalluvar

For a manager equity and impartiality values more for the community as well as the staff of his organisation. Want to create a visual like this? English version of Thirukkural by G. Jan 5, 8: Thirukkural comprises two words Thiru and Kural. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive mantraa of new posts by email. It just cuts to the very simplicity of everything.


December 29, Challenges Laugh over your obstacles; nothing like it to push them further thirhkkural further. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This book has three main parts, Life with the power of goodness, Material life and Life with the passion of love. Helping others in a self-less manner may result into long-term loyalists getting developed.

Management Mantras from Thirukkural

Want to beat the competition? I owe the English trans-literation to a book seen long time back in a library. It is about leading others by example. Broadly speaking, all the chapters can be divided into three sections: