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Description; Availability; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. The Macharius Heavy Tank is the work of Magos Nalax of Lucius Forge World, who collated. Macharius tank rules – posted in + ASTRA MILITARUM +: Hey all I was wondering where the rules for the macharius tanks and forgeworld stuff. The Macharius is a Heavy Tank named after the legendary Lord Commander deadly machines to the same standards as those during the Great Crusade.

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Can fire its Vulcan Mega Bolter twice at the same target if the tank does not move.

It is the job of the munition-adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus to rediscover this lost data, a tireless effort which can last years. In the mythic past it is known that the Imperial Army once fielded many types of heavy tanks during the Great Crusade, though the knowledge of their design, construction and even the name of some of these tanks has likely been lost. Secondary fire comes in machrius form of a hull-mounted twin-linked Heavy Stubber and two sponson-mounted Heavy Stubbers, although the latter can be switched out for Heavy Flamers or Heavy Bolters.

Ads by Project Wonderful! It is part of a class of tanks known as “second-generation Baneblades ” — since the Adeptus Mechanicus keeps a very tight hold on the Baneblade STC patterns, supply is extremely limited. Able to carry only twenty seconds worth of continuous fire, this monster eats through bullets like a Neckbeard dining on some Meatbread. During one such mission Magos Nalax of forge world Luciusthrough diligent study of his world’s vast archives, discovered fragments of a blueprint for such a tank.

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I’ve not used them, but my understanding is that they’re a sort of “light” super heavy – like a budget Baneblade! Denizens of the Deep. WarriorFish and Just4uCupCake like this. The Macharius Vanquisher is armed with twin-linked Vanquisher Cannons in the main turret.


Macharius tank rules – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

As is common in WH40K, the fluff does not equal the crunch. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. While the Russ’s Vanquisher Cannon is a pure tank hunter no blastthe Macharius is large enough to carry a second rack of shells that have no extra armor-piercing effect but are 2d6 S8 Ap The Vulcan variant of the Macharius Heavy Tank sacrifices much of the anti-armour capabilities of the Vanquisher variant for the ferocious anti-infantry firepower of the Vulcan Mega-Bolter, normally carried by Warhound-class Titans and commonly fielded to provide cover for other super-heavy tanks and suppress enemy heavy weapon positions with a devastating storm of shot and shell.

Since the mega-bolter is fed by a high-speed autoloader, the Macharius ‘Vulcan’ requires only a crew of six, using the space previously taken up by the two loaders for more ammunition. Thus, most crews will fill the tank’s stowage bin with extra ammunition and strap on additional ammunition crates to the hull with predictable results.

Personal tools Log in Request account. I got Vraks, its got the rules bar the guns, which just shows how sometimes FW doesnt check its ruleset to make sure everything is there that should be there.

Since the mega-bolter is fed by a high-speed autoloader, the Macharius Vulcan requires only a crew of six, using the space previously taken up by the two loaders for more ammunition. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Out of all the Macharius tanks, this is possibly one of the most popular due to the power of the Vanquisher Cannons and the fact that it is a heavy tank which means it is far more sturdier than the common Leman Russ Vanquisher which is important since these big ass vehicles are going to be a giant bullet magnet on tabletop.

The Vanquisher in my view is the best, not OP in any way, but has a good tank killing and infantry killing gun, followed by the bolter version, then the standard you cant get the plasma varient from FW anymore but that was also a nice varient.

Community Forum Discord Server. That said, twin-linked weapons alone have stolen victory from the jaws of defeat on more than on a few occasions so the call is yours. Which then begs the question on why can’t the Stormlord afford an actual turret. While the regular Macharius is meant to be a baseline heavy tank, in terms of price efficiency, it struggles competing with its Leman Russ counterpart in terms of sheer utility.


Though it is less durable and possesses less firepower than the Baneblade, it is also substantially less expensive in the fluff and more common. If the smaller Macharius is able to successfully put a Vulcan mega-bolter on a periscope turret, then surely a much larger tank should be able to do the job just as well. The original name of this vehicle is now lost and remains unknown. To meet these demands Lucius turned to the Macharius, and in Denizens of the Deep My Giant Blog.

Macharius tank rules

Other differences with the Macharius ‘Omega’ is the removal of the hull-mounted Heavy Stubbers, while the sponsons can mount Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubbers or Autocannons. The main standard variant of the Macharius line of tanks. This article is about Tank. The Macharius Heavy Tank as you can already imagine, cannot hope to match the Baneblade in firepower, armor, engine performance or advanced logic-engines due to its smaller size and fewer tanj.

Other differences with the Macharius Omega is the removal of the hull-mounted Heavy Stubbers, while the sponsons can mount Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubbers or Autocannons. The Omega-pattern Plasma Blastgun, unlike the Ryza-pattern found on Imperial Titans, is a more compact design that is easier to manufacture. Fired at very high velocities, the anti-tank shells can penetrate even the thickest of armour, turning this variant into a potent tank hunter.

This page was last modified on 23 Augustat Ironically by this time Lucius had successfully lobbied for the right to build Baneblades and was already constructing them. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.