Apr 01 2020

The community of special car builders responded to this with their own . _7abc19b32c_zA Locost with a Toyota engine. Yes, you can build a Locost sports car for just a few grand. May 18, Explore ERN’s board “KIT CARS – LOCOST” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Kit cars, Lotus 7 and Car stuff.

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Additionally, fiberglass body components, suspension pieces and other Locost-specific components can be sourced from various suppliers.

We should be allowed to assume our own risks instead of having it decided what is best for us by some third party authority. Buyer is responsible for vehicle collection or delivery. More chances to get what you want Feedback on our suggestions – More chances to get what cae want.

The Lotus Sevens: The Real Most-Hackable Cars

Locost Builder Jim McSorley revised the Ron Champion design in order to accommodate wider engines, rear axles, and seats. Notify me of new comments via email. We all certainly cannot agree on what is dangerous. No additional import charges on delivery. And then after cutting it all out and putting it back to how it was because the extra ride height will affect stability.

By the time you made room for it, it would look like a custom pulling tractor.

He rated the Minor not for its lack of power but for what it could do with the power mated with skinny crossplies.

The front suspension is a double wishbone, with verticals sourced from any of a number of possible donor cars and the wishbones themselves fabricated by the builder. Both with the K-type engine and with the MGF as a locot. Back to home page. Swear I know your cat somewhere MrFluffy. It also used a live axle rear suspension. An early Lotus Seven. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

20 best KIT CARS – LOCOST images on Pinterest | Kit cars, Lotus 7 and Car stuff

Add to Watch list. As to your point about forewarning I considered it, but remember the majority of readers here are not from the UK, so a lengthy passage about the IVA would be meaningless to them. One field that benefited from this unexpected flowering of creativity was that of motor racing. I was invovled with modified and self built stuff back then too. That is why they are popular with first time locosh and clubs. Cars like the Austin 7 proved to be less than suitable as high-speed racers though: Another vote for Mazda Miata MX Caterham have built a very succesful business from their Sevens, and you can still buy one with very up-to-date running gear and suspension in a variety of models either pre-built or as a kit from them today.


The rear of the Locost is of course “inspired by” the Lotus 7. Both Very hackable cars. Remember when Professor David Nutt was asked to resign for comparing the risks of equestrian activity with ecstasy drug use? The suggested donor car is a Ford Sierra. Or say a rebodied scimitar and you trim the rear bumper outriggers where they stick out and form a risk for other vehicles and suddenly youve modified the chassis and have to go for IVA.

When catalytic converter was ripped out, it took far new cats and as many smog tests in order to pass smog without hassle because my state kept changing the kocost.

In my opinion they risk making barely controllable track toys whose potential can rarely safely or legally be unleashed on the road. Quite a few years ago the British racing driver and TV presenter Tiff Needell did a retrospective review of the Morris Minor, which he nominated as one of his all-time favourite cars. Various projects have analyzed the strength of the Locost Chassis under Finite Element Analysis for interest’s sake.

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If you are nominating the most hackable car, it does not have to be one that achieved a high production run, or even one that has the best overall design. I was amazed locos the time. Go to any vintage race and you find these little lotus 7 cars all over.


You can electrify it, put olcost V8 in if you must. Ok, the engine is not very accessible in an MGF but still quite servicable. As I alluded to above, the US legislation seems amazingly slack or at least thats the impression I get from speaking with other builders and shows like roadkill and some of what turns up at shows and meets.

The running gear of a s Ford Popular with its 1. There are not many special tools required to do any work. The Wankel engine-based Mazda RX-7 is also starting to become popular.

Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window cwr tab. In Australiakit cars must pass structural testing for certification for road use.

Due to the dwindling supply of Escorts, the Haynes Roadster is based on mechanicals from the Ford Sierra. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dar looking at that again he had freaking stupid opsec…. In a reflection of the wider social changes that followed the war the motor racers of the post-war years came from humbler backgrounds, they raced homemade specials made from tired-out prewar motors on wartime airfield perimeter tracks like the one at Silverstone which still hosts Formula One racing today.

Some cra the kitcar stuff was chickenwire and grp filler shocking in the early days lcoost then so were a lot of standard original cars. Yet again the Escort units used to be a favourite but supplies have dried up, so alternatives have had to be found. It may not draw as much attention as the Lotus, but the Miata is easier to get in and out of ccar a meal. It is a beautiful machine and a whole lot of fun to drive.