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Musashi (volume único) Eiji Yoshikawa A saga do guerreiro mais popular da história nipônica é contada com maestria neste livro super rápido de se ler. Musashi, lendário personagem do Japão feudal no qual Eiji Yoshikawa se inspirou O livro foi escrito a partir da consulta a diversas fontes históricas sobre a. Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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It’s also got a bit o As a fan of epic fantasy, Mudashi was surprised by how much this was right in my wheelhouse, and I think this should be better-known among SF fans. Musashi is a novel in the best tradition of Japanese story telling.

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Luckily for us the characters that take over the narrative at these times are, as noted above, vivid and intriguing making the time spent with them never seem either wasteful or a slog. In the venerable Japanese tradition, it is also about a man’s search to conquer himself, to become a better man. Inspired the Hiroshi Inagaki Samurai films. Then a new path opens up before me. Honor is the biggest deal it seems, even over Life, Happiness, or Love, and throughout the story you have characters hunting each other, either to find a famous teacher in hopes of regaining lost honor, or hunting someone down to punish and kill them because they caused dishonor to the family name.

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His other books also serve similar purposes and, although most of his novels are not original works, he created a huge amount of work and a renewed interest in the past. Yoshikaea 12, Riannon rated it did not like it. Jul 08, Brian rated it it was amazing. Articles lacking sources from August All articles lacking sources Articles containing Japanese-language text Pages using citations with format and no URL.


Interweaving themes of unrequited love, misguided revenge, filial piety and absolute dedication to the Way of the Samurai, it depicts vividly a yohikawa Westerners know only vaguely. It seems to me people in traditional Japan would have more on their mind than Miyamoto alone It is a well-known story in Japan, but Yoshikawa gives it a compelling twist by telling it from the point-of-view of its traditional villain for that reason, the Japanese title literally translates to NEW Heike Story.

Musashi: The Way of the Samurai by Eiji Yoshikawa

The translator Charles S. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. That is a gift that not very many translators possess. Musashi Week 1 – Book1: I actually wonder if musadhi is the work of the translator by the mere fact that eastern languages are not always easy to transpose into western ones or if Eiji Yoshikawa himself inserted those funny passages.

Kemudian, beberapa bulan terakhir, di blog teman saya ada sebuah tulisan mengenai Musashi, kupikir, betapa hebatkah tokoh ini dan bila benar demikian, apakah saya layak untuk mengetahuinya? In the end Musashi lived to a fairly ripe old age and, unlike many of his contemporaries, died in his bed after composing the famous Book of Five Rings — his own contribution to the art of strategy.

It’s an interesting take on his life, and I can’t wait to read more of them. Dec 26, Frank Ashe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bukan menyerah pada alam. Dalam sebuah kata pengantar J.

Peristiwanya sendiri agak dramatis sih, dari harga semula ribuan, tapi karena kesalahan label harga, malah dikasih harga ribu. I highly recommend this book!


In some ways I was reminded of Dumas while reading this book: Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Elji was mainly influ Pen-name of Yoshikawa Hidetsugu. Apart from Musashi himself, all the other characters in the book are fairly one-dimensional and as a consequence, the story does not really seem to progress or unravel after yoshikqwa fir Perhaps my expectations were too high but I was a bit disappointed by this book.

Jun 07, Larry Lange rated it really liked it Shelves: As an example, the original manuscript ligro Taiko is 15 volumes; Yoshikawa took up to retell it in a more accessible tone, and reduced it to only two volumes. Miyamoto Musashi was the child of an era when Japan was emerging from decades of civil strife.

If you’re interested in samurais and Japanese culture, give it a try.

Musashi: The Way of the Samurai

Ia, paman Genji dalam Samurai Qanita, Bandung,diceritakan sebagai seorang pemain pedang terkenal dalam keluarganya. It seems as if the author or translator used this as a story telling device, that is, as the main characters matured and became wiser, so did the text and the way it was written.

Jul 09, Rob rated it it was amazing. The men who think that way, and are satisfied to have food to eat and a place to sleep, are mere vagabonds. Perhaps my expectations were too high but I was a bit disappointed by this book.