Mar 23 2020

And apparently, LinPlug has built a lot of extras into Spectral, including the ability to edit the waveforms and filter shapes that make up the core. LinPlug instruments and expansion packs will remain on sale for the Spectral subtractive synthesizer with mod matrix (additional libraries for. Spectral by LinPlug (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Spectral is the result of more than 14 years of synthesizer building experience. Someone being familiar with.

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They also each feature two cross-modulation slots, with a choice of three types of modulation – Phase PMAmplitude AM and Frequency FM – spwctral from any of the four oscillator or filter outputs. Audiobus 3 Music for Tablets: LinPlug is not only the team, its all the helping hands who are somewhat part of LinPlug and our Instruments in alphabetic order: His expertise as both a sound designer and musician spectrla produced this outstanding collection of full-sounding arps, beautiful warm and wide pads and powerful leads.

SaxLab comes with a wide range of high-quality soundsets for bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone and an effects section that includes a specialized chorus and reverb, as well as extensive real-time modulation options.

The result of our 15 years of synth-building experience. While spectrao would say that spectral and additive synthesis are not quite the same thing, the terms are often used interchangably.

Our most epectral synthesizer ever – and one of the easiest to use. Special attention has been paid to making the performance controls as rich and responsive as possible, so that the instrument can be realistically played. Live 9 Suite by Ableton Review: The filter drawing also is done on a large editor window with again, many options for changing filter shapes.


Many of the features found on today’s instruments were originally created in a LinPlug instrument, for example the Modulation Matrix in “Gakstoar” all the way back in the year It’s impossible to remain unmoved by these sounds, each of which will enhance the emotional impact of any film scene.

Cubase Pro 8 by Steinberg Review: Hit Counter provided by technology news. Overall control of tempo, kind of arpeggiation, number of steps, number of octaves in the arpeggio, and swing are all able to be externally MIDI controlled.

The above are learning-curve things, of course.

There are also many preset filter and waveform shapes and the user can save their own as well. Samples are only food for Spectra, versatile and unique engines, featuring 3 kinds of specialized sample processing generators and all the filters and modulations you expect from a fully fledged synthesizer.


And then, like all LinPlug products, linpluh takes TUN files from the free Scala programso that all that timbral power can be played microtonally. LinPlug has been creating innovative software instrument plugins for more than 15 years.

Overall, Spectral probably isn’t a synth to be called on for bread and butter sounds, and its high resource usage could vex owners of older computers.

Visit us at kiva or click the kiva logo to learn about kiva. If you know that the most ear-catching sounds come from morphing, not blending, then MorphoX is the instrument for you.


Further modulation is on tap in the shape of three more envelopes and five LFOs, assignable in the modulation matrix. The filter follows the same conceptual path as the oscillator, with cutoff and resonance augmented liinplug two cross-modulation slots, enabling the filter frequency and resonance to be modulated by a signal sourced from any of the oscillators or filters.

Linplug Spectral, Soundbytes review

That said, the spread control is a pretty wonderful beast. The overarching flavour is very crisp and upfront – bouncy bass sounds, bell-like pads and keys, and even a serviceable set of synthetic drums.

Spectral comes with a library of over presets divided up into a broad set of categories. Pros Great core-level oscillator options. Image 1 of 3 You can assign up to 15 modulations from a choice of 35 sources and over destinations.

Each timbre can be linp,ug up of oscillators, each of which can have its own custom-drawn waveform, and each of which can have its own custom drawn filter. Authenticity, Expression and Variation are all required in order to obtain believable sax sounds. Image 3 of 3 Surgically edit your oscillators’ frequency content to create powerful, bespoke timbres. Spectral has about presets many of which are lovely.