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This was the first Gary Jennings book I ever read–and I was hooked forever! Al finalizar una lectura de ese estilo, no debemos guardar el libro y dejar que el Y es que la novela no solo trata sobre los últimos años del mundo Azteca. Sangre Azteca has ratings and 56 reviews. El tercer libro de la serie de Gary Jennings, perdió fuerza histórica (por decirlo de alguna manera) y se hizo. Results 1 – 30 of Azteca by Gary Jennings and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Does anyone know why this title isn’t available in Kindle format? I had this book for years, carted it around the world, but never could get beyond the first page. I cannot read through a passage that graphically talks about how a kid was moving his ass to gzry a guy.

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Pdf libro azteca gary jennings

The story follows an Aztec man who’s captured by the Spanish Inquisition and regales his life story from pauper to prince.

Melanie rated it it was ok Jan 30, This was the first Gary Jennings book I ever read–and I was hooked forever! And it goes on and on Items in search results. If I had to compare it to anything, I would compare it to The Mists of Avalon, being the same sort of powerfully moving theme of the struggle to preserve what little is left. I really don’t think anyone would actually brag about having an erection whislt they were drawing a woman who was being raped by another woman right in front of their face.


It’s the story of the titularly Aztec guy named Mixtli I guess they were actually called Mexica but gqry along the way they jennibgs up the name Aztec which derives from their mythological ancestral origin place Aztlan, I picked up like a thousand aztteca like this from this book and it hurt my brain from his weird childhood to weird adulthood to weird old age. Captioned slides of artwork and sculpture http: I learned more about Aztec culture in this book than I have in all my time of personal research on this subject.


My favourite sort of novel is one with a mixture of fact and fiction, education and adventure, and in this aspect, Aztec does not disappoint. Splendour and sex and pageantry and violence and adventure and more sex and then maybe some more violence and quaint local customs; and either a stunning amount of historical research or a stunning amount of just making things up; or some combination thereof.

Its jenningss was the plaza of Tenochtitlan; its pulse was a cycle marked by the passage of the sun across the sky, the passage of months from spring planting to spring planting, the passage of 52 years in the cycle of life wh Jennings’ lengthy novel is structured as a tragedy.

Sangre Azteca

Its heart was the plaza of Tenochtitlan; its pulse was a cycle marked by the passage of the sun across the sky, the passage of months from spring planting to spring planting, the passage of 52 years in the cycle of life when the solar and divine calendars coincided, and with proper caution, ritual, humility and appeasement, the destruction of the world would once again be staved off and the new cycle of 52 years would begin. This book has blood in it, cruelty, sexuality, freaks, incest, war, struggle, a lost love, and an unfulfilled one… What more could you ask?

But you’ll be missing out on some truly great reading. jenninga

There are so many characters it is hard to follow. I hate it when things become predictable. The Bishop’s introductions to the various chapters of the chronicle often express his loathing for Mixtli and his weariness with recording what he considers to be the biography of a heathen and a sinner. I was working in this law office with four lawyers all male and four assistants all female.

Libros de JENNINGS, GARY – Cafebrería El Péndulo.

It’s like a thrill ride, a roller coaster that would have been sensationally perfect had you not had to wait two hours in line to experience the nennings itself. She had this white streak in her black hair, jemnings was cut into a mullet. We figure out early on that our jilted narrator can be depended on for relaying events in grim detail, no sugar on top.

Through his eyes we see not only the grandeur of the Aztec civilization but also its corruption and shocking practices.


Jennings’ lengthy novel is structured as a tragedy. And by the way the Aztecs weren’t the ancient Greeks or Romans! The conquerers know little about this new land, its culture, or its people, so the King of Spain has asked for information. If you like a soft story where brutal or sexual things are only implied and everyone has a happy ending, this one is not for you.

Descargar El Libro Azteca Gary Jennings Gratis Nuevo Link

Here’s what I learned from this work. It’s not really something I would have thought you’d need to be specific about, but kids are so “creative” these days.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. The book also does tell a good story and follows it’s protagonist through ups and downs and fascinating journeys 8 months later. Imagine the depths of my emotion when I found an immensely suc This book may change you. View all 4 comments. I love historical fiction, and Jennings’ librk tackle times that aren’t politically correct to tackle with such honesty; but I’m not a fan of sugar-coating history, either.

The Life of a Boo Jennings served in the Korean War, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal- a decoration rarely given to soldier-reporters- and a personal citation by South Korean President Syngman Rhee for his efforts on behalf of war orphans.

Sep 01, Nathan rated it really liked it Shelves: I gave this book as an impulse buy to my mother for Christmas one year. Want to Read saving…. Aug 05, Maxine rated it it jenings amazing Recommends it for: We have to deal with incest between the main character and his sister 15 and 13 years oldthen a princess raping men, then raping a woman. However, this native goes well beyond the usual recital of ritualistic incantations that fill so many Aztec codices. This lets Jennings uennings in some fine moments where Mixtli, when relating some particularly off-color sexual exploit, e.