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Jul 20 2020

NUEVA LEY DEL TRABAJO BIOLOGO QUE REEMPLAZA LA LEY , LEY DEL TRABAJO DEL BIÓLOGO. Resumen de Quimica de Coordinacion. Modificatoria de la Ley N° , faculta al Director General de la POLICÍA. NACIONAL, con cargo a informar al titular del Sector, a celebrar. Convenios con . Latin American markets had another good year in The liquidity environment remained supportive, credit quality continued to improve, and concerns that.

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Singapur – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Lye. Makes provision for inquiry into complaints concerning members of the Council by the Board of the Council. Makes provision for conditions of membership in the council, application for membership, grant and renewal of membership, membership fees and other charges, obligations of members of Council, resignation, and termination of membership.

Made under the Central Provident Fund Act. Makes provision for ordinary and special leu of central provident fund investment scheme, as well as for purchase of shares in approved corporations. Singapur – – Ley.

Makes several miscellanous amendments to the Central Provident Fund Act. The following sections of the Act are amended: Sections 34 and 35 are repealed. Provides that no ship to which the regulations apply shall proceed to sea on an international voyage unless it has been surveyed, marked and provided with an International Load Line Certificate.

Annexes provide rules for determining load lines. Regulates the granting of licenses and general requirements for engaging in radiation work, the control of radiation exposure, medical and radiological supervision, labelling of irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials, storage of radioactive materials, transport of radioactive materials and other related matters. Provides for transport requirements for radioactive material, regulates labelling and marking, and lwy responsibilities of consignors.

Bankruptcy Amendment Act No. Amends Chapter 20 of the Bankruptcy Act with regard to the rights of creditors and the powers of the Official Assignee, and makes related amendments to the Business Registration Act Chapter 32 of the Revised Edition and the Companies Act Chapter 50 of leey Revised Edition.

Singapur – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Provides that annual wage increases which may be granted by an employer to an employee for the period commencing on 1 June and ending 30 Pey shall be in accordance with the recommendations of the National Wages Council.

Sets out guidelines for wage adjustments during this period. Amends the Fire Safety Petroleum Regulations with respect to the accepted code of practice, the application for licence to transport petroleum, as well as the duties of suppliers and dealers of petroleum.

Amends the Muslim Law Act C. Also makes amendments regarding divorce and adds a new Third Schedule on financial provisions relating to trust, wakaf, nazar and mosque. Amends Provident Fund Investment Schemes Regulations by restating the definition of the terms of approved insurer, insurance policy, investment-linked insurance policy, and by providing for related matters.

Regulates various issues related to the transport, sale and storage of hazardous substances. Amends Central Provident Fund Residential Properties Scheme Regulations with regard to loans by Government to members, use of money in special account for payment of housing loan and share in common property transferred by Housing and Development Board, use of money in special account for payment of improvement contributions in respect of upgrading works, as well as some related matters.

Amends Central Provident Fund Investment Schemes Regulations with regard to members who receive loans from government, and loans by government to members. Amends Central Provident Fund Approved Housing Schemes Regulations with regard to loans by the government to members, use 2885 money in special account for payment of housing loans, and use of money in special account for payment of improvement contribution in respect of upgrading works.

Amends Provident Fund Ministry of Defence Ly Scheme Regulations Rg 13 with regard to loans by the government to members, and use of money in special account for payment of housing loan. Amends Central Provident Fund Non-Residential Properties Scheme Rg 10 Regulations with regard to loans by the government to members, and the use of money in a special account for payment of loans. Defines the term “permanent” resident as a person who holds a valid permit or re-entry permit. Stipulates that employer contributions and employee benefits shall be determined by the First Schedule of the Central Provident Fund Act, and that contributions and benefits in respect of persons who become permanent residents on or after 1 January shall be regulated by the Central Provident Fund Permanent Residents — Employees Regulations Rg The Schedules regard contributions payable by the employer and amounts recoverable from the employee’s wages.


Amends the First Schedule of leyy Central Provident Act which regards contributions payable by the employer and amounts recoverable from the employee’s wages. Amends provisions of the Retirement Age Exemption Notification N1 with regard to persons who are exempt from the mandatory retirement age or who retired but were rehired. Stipulates that for the purposes of subsections 7 and 7A of section 15 of the Central Provident Fund Act, 60 years of age shall henceforth be read as 62 years of age.

Sets forth methods of calculating minimum sums to be maintained by members. Contains the National Wages Council’s Guidelines forwhich recommends a reduction of 15 per cent in wage costs, including reductions in the employer’s contribution to the Central Provident Fund.

Retirement Age Amendment Act No. Amends the Retirement Age Le so as to provide that employers may reduce the wages of workers who are over 60 years of age by up to 10 per cent. Workers who do not agree to a wage reduction may be retired by their employer. These provisions shall apply only to employees who attain 60 years of age after 1 January Employment of Foreign Workers Exemption No. Exempts foreigners who hold a valid dependent’s pass issued under s. Immigration Amendment Act No. Amends the Immigration Act Chapter of revised edition with regard to the definition of illegal immigrants, which shall include persons found without identity documents or visible means of subsistence, or persons suffering from HIV.

Sets forth punishments for refusing to submit to a key medical exam and for harbouring or employing an illegal immigrant. Amends sections 2 and 32 of the Central Provident Fund Investment Schemes Regulations regarding approval for the purchase of any unit in a unit trust scheme or investment in a lwy investment scheme. Rules of Court Amendment Rules No.

Amendments regarding voluntary contributions, transfer of member’s moneys in an ordinary account to a special account, prohibition of double insurance with respect to movable property, and court proceedings. Employment Recommendations for annual wage increases Notification No. Sets 28857 the National Wages Council recommendations for annual wage adjustments. These recommendations include an economic analysis of Singapore’s economic performance in with regard to the labour market, productivity, and cost competitiveness.

Recommends that wage adjustments be implemented in conjunction with wage restraint, containment of non-wage costs, productivity improvement, and employability training.

Raises the minimum age for persons to be registered as seafarers from 15 to 16 years of age. Sets forth the minimum number of qualified deck officers, engineers, medical practitioners, and radio operators which shall serve aboard a ship.

Regulates certification and rating of seafarers, recognition of certification, proficiency in lifeboat and survival craft operation, and related matters. Muslim Marriage and Divorce Amendment No. An Act to provide for the dissolution of the Port of Singapore Authority and for the transfer of its property, rights and liabilities to a successor company and others, to make financial arrangements for that company and for matters connected therewith, to repeal the Port of Singapore Authority Act Chapter of the Revised Edition and to make consequential amendments to other written laws.

S of Amends provisions of the Employment of Foreign Workers Levy Order O1 regarding levies on foreign workers and skilled and unskilled process industry maintenance workers. Regulates crew accommodation on board new ships and on existing ships in which crew accommodation has been substantially altered. Covers sleeping quarters, ventilation, heating, lighting, key rooms, sanitary arrangements, and medical care.

Does not apply to sailing and fishing boats. Sets forth the recommendations of the National Wages Council regarding wage increases. Inter alia, the guidelines recommend that wage increases be moderated in view of projected slower economic growth. The NWC also recommends a dollar quantum wage increase, a variable payments system bonuses based on company performancea base-up wage system which sets wages according to merit and not seniority, more investment in training, stepped-up recruitment of women and older workers, and greater participation in co-payment schemes for medical expenses.


Advance Medical Directive Regulations No. Provides forms to register advance medical directives, to certify terminal illnesses, and to register objections by medical practitioners. The Council shall plan and develop community and infrastructure projects, administer lsy assistance schemes, and work with social workers and voluntary groups to assist the disabled and other disadvantaged persons.

Made under the People’s Association Act. Provides for wage garnishing orders to recover amounts due as a result of maintenance orders. Made under the Women’s Charter Chapter Regulates safety matters related to handling, transport and storage of dangerous substances and explosives aboard ships. Lwy forth certification requirements for steersmen, helmsmen, and engine drivers.

ley 28857 pdf

Regulations regarding registration, discharge, and discipline of seafarers. No seafarer shall be registered who has not attained the age of 15 ly seafarers over 60 years of age may be registered only if they pass an annual medical exam, for which they must bear the expense. The Port Authority may cancel the registration of any seafarer suffering from a disease or disability rendering him unfit for work.

Provides regulations governing social security benefits of deceased members of the Central Provident Fund.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Made under Central Provident Fund Act. Amendments regarding the procedure to amend the Constitution and the President’s veto power. If the President is submitted a Bill and does not act on it in 30 days, it shall be deemed to have his assent.

Regulates wages, overtime pay, paid leave, holidays, sick leave and maternity leave for part-time employees.

2887 Code of Practice No. Internet providers shall use their best effort to ensure that nothing appears in the Internet which is against public interest, especially contents which, inter alia, “bring the Government of Singapore into hatred or contempt;” “denigrate or satirise any race or religious group;” “promote religious deviations or occult practices such as Satanism;” “are pornographic” or “depict or propagate sexual perversions such as homosexuality, lesbianism, and paedophilia.

Maintenance of Parents Rules No. Rules regarding application for maintenance of parents benefit, hearings at the Tribunal, and enforcement of maintenance orders.

Allows persons over the age of 21 to make an advance medical directive indicating their 288577 not to be subjected to extraordinary life-sustaining treatments in the event of a terminal illness. Provides for medical practitioners’ duties in such cases and lye physicians of liability if medical treatment is withheld from leg patient in accordance with the Act.

Assures confidentiality of advance medical directives and makes it an offence to require such directives for the purposes of insurance policies. The Act shall not be interpreted as an authorization of euthanasia or mercy killing.

Provides code of conduct and standards of ethical and professional conduct for contact lens practitioners, and regulations governing discipline proceedings.

Amends provisions of the Merchant Shipping Safety Convention Regulations relating to the loading and securing of cargo aboard ships. Establishes and incorporates the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and provides for its functions and powers.

Amends provisions of the Central Provident Fund Government Employees Regulations relating to contributions payable of foreign employees who work for the Government. Amends the Merchant Shipping Safety Convention Regulations by inserting new provisions relating to, inter alia, ship reporting systems as well as safety measures for high ,ey craft 288557 bulk carriers. Inserts new regulation to the Central Provident Fund Approved Employees’ Scheme Regulations relating to foreign workers and permanent residents.

Maintenance of Parents Act No. Allows parents 60 years of age or above who are unable to maintain themselves adequately to apply for an order that one or more of their children pay them a monthly allowance or another determined sum. Applications may be denied if parents are unable to demonstrate inability to maintain themselves or were neglectful ldy abusive to their children.

Employment Amendment Act No.