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Rigorous research on the relative accuracy of alternative estimators of outcome quality has been extremely limited. The authors conclude that rigorously designed studies comparing different medication reconciliation practices and their effects on clinical outcomes are scarce. She identified 69 distinct health information management tasks among the four families that took place in nine different locations.

The researchers found that over 40 percent of the women surveyed said they would likely take tamoxifen if determined to be at high risk. These stand-alone reports on future research needs span multiple topic areas. The paper details time trends for clinically severe or morbid obesity until using data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

The researchers developed a task-based scoring instrument the Just-in-Time Pediatric Airway Provider Performance Scale, version 3 for a primary airway provider’s performance with a multidisciplinary pediatric intensive care unit team on simulated pediatric respiratory failure. This review examined the benefits and harms of behavioral counseling interventions for adolescents and adults who misuse alcohol.

The researcher used a series of interviews with four families to collect information about how different families handled health information management. Although the body mass index rates were higher among Hispanics and blacks at every point in time, there were no significant differences in trends between them and non-Hispanic whites.

Building shared models without sharing data. El coste social, el mayor gasto en la artrosis – D PLoS Medicine 9 7p. Therefore, he suggests that, based on ethical principles of justice and beneficence, more attention should be paid to informed 188216 among patients who receive orphan drugs.


GESTIÓN EN SALUD PÚBLICA: Research Activities, February Research Briefs

After an extensive search of relevant databases Medline, PsychINFO, and ERIC plus hand searches of other sources for articles published between and Decemberthe researchers identified only 6 papers, representing 5 studies. This review aims at summarizing available evidence on medication reconciliation interventions acrualizada the hospital setting and identifying most effective practices. They find that accuracy varies little by sociodemographic group and that behavioral analyses are largely unaffected by misreporting.

The researchers undertook a systematic review to assess the impact of vocational interventions on teenagers and young adults with autism spectrum disorders. International Actuslizada of Obesitypp.

The authors elaborate on popular portal functions and discuss how guiding principles have addressed common user concerns and have facilitated adoption and usage of MHAV. He also calls for greater investment in postmarket surveillance and confirmational testing.

Journal of Trauma 72 5pp. The growth rate appeared 1816 have slowed down since Primary anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction has in general been effective at restoring the functional stability of the knee.

ley actualizada pdf viewer – PDF Files

Aligning financial and quality incentives. Una misma Hace 4 semanas. PLoS Medicine 9 5p.

This approach permits the development of a semantic network that aligns well with the top-level information structure in clinical research eligibility criteria text, and demonstrates the feasibility of using the resulting semantic role labels to generate semistructured eligibility criteria with nearly perfect interrater reliability.

The program spread across the U. Health Care Innovations Exchange: They used two document access models, one based on frequency and the other based on frequency and recency. The 11 health systems had 1, enrollees who met 1 or more study criteria for diabetes.

The authors suggest that the role of middle managers in healthcare innovation implementation has been overlooked. Implementation Science 7, p. Journal of Nursing Care Quality 27 1pp.

This paper presents an integrated semantic processing framework called eligibility criteria extraction and representation EliXR for inducing natural semantic role labels from text. A difference in risk-benefit perceptions.

Research Briefs

After reviewing human-factors principles for relevance to medication-related decision support alerts, the authors built the Instrument for Evaluating Human-Factors Principles in Medication-Related Decision Support Alerts I-MeDeSA in order to assess the extent to which a given interface design incorporates these human-factors principles.


La AEP reivindica la especialidad de Medicina del Medical Physics 39 8p. Between and the prevalence of severe obesity actualizqda by 70 percent, whereas the prevalence of morbid obesity increased even faster. Previously, there have been no studies of the accuracy of reporting Part D coverage in surveys.

The investigators used a once-monthly high dose of vitamin D, which has been linked to the lowest risk of respiratory infections in observational studies on healthy adults.

Journal of Orthopedic Research 31 1pp. Her medical records are available to consult. Publicado por salud equitativa en 4: The researchers note that the lack of evidence from large randomized, controlled studies has prevented major professional or other expert groups from making recommendations on screening asymptomatic individuals for lung cancer, even if they have histories of heavy or long-term smoking.

Preventing Chronic Disease 9, This study of physicians surveyed in and found that the rate of malpractice claims when electronic health records EHRs were used were about one-sixth the rate when EHRs were not used. In this article, Carolyn M. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 18, pp. A goal of this study was to determine whether knowledge of the benefits and risks of tamoxifen affects a woman’s willingness to take it to prevent breast cancer.

El Defensor del Pueblo advierte a Mato de las “con They found that the proportion of medications per patient with unexplained discrepancies was 42 percent in the intervention group compared to 51 percent in the control group who did not receive access. Patient Education and Counseling 87, pp. Based on results from 23 studies, the reviewers concluded that behavioral interventions improve behavioral outcomes for adults with risky drinking.

These authors looked at patients’ modifiable predictors of both short- and long-term validated outcomes and osteoarthritis.