May 21 2020

The Galeazzi fracture is a fracture of the distal third of the radius with dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint. It classically involves an isolated fracture of the. However, there is an anatomic pathological variant of Galeazzi lesion. It is a fracture of the shaft of the radius, which associates diaphyseal. Unstable Fracture-Dislocations of the ForearmThe Monteggia and Galeazzi Lesions. Frederick W. Reckling, MD; Larry D. Cordell, MD. Arch Surg.

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Create a personal account to register for email alerts with links to free full-text articles. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat In case of irreducibility or persistent instability, operative treatment was performed with plate osteosynthesis or intramedullary nailing depending on the fracture localization.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Clin Orthop Relat Res. In older children and adolescents with considerable dislocation and instability despite cast application, operative fracture stabilization may become necessary.

Create a free personal account to make a comment, download free article PDFs, sign galwazzi for alerts and more. Am J Emerg Med. In the remaining two cases, dorsal plate fixation of the radius was required. This may be attributed to the fact that early functional treatment was possible.

Galeazzi Lesions in Children and Adolescents: Treatment and Outcome

Yaleazzi are classified as excellent 0—2 pointsgood 3—8 pointsfair 9—20 pointsor poor 21 points or more. Standard treatment in adults consists of operative intervention with plate fixation and in some cases temporary transfixation of the DRUJ using Kirschner wires [ 259 ].

J Bone Joint Surg Br. They are seen most often in males.

At admission, information was obtained regarding the mechanism of injury. However, we could not find studies of soft tissue imaging of the acute posttraumatic anatomy of the DRUJ to identify or exclude ligamental injury.


They are inherently unstable due to a variety of factors which are poorly understood by many surgeons. None of the authors was the operating surgeon.

[Galeazzi lesion in children and adults: the undiagnosed lesion].

How important is this topic for clinical practice? Trimalleolar fracture Bimalleolar fracture Pott’s fracture. The patient required transfer of the tendon of the extensor indicis muscle. Galeazzi lesions frequently are underdiagnosed. When the opposite occurs that is, the radius breaks and shortensthe distal radio-ulnar joint dislocates, gsleazzi in the Galeazzi or “reverse Monteggia” fracture.

All long-term problems either were caused by technical problems rupture of the tendon by a sharp nail end or leeion were unpreventable occasional pain and weakness in the wrist. Sign in to make a comment Sign in to your personal gzleazzi. Pain and soft-tissue swelling are present at the distal-third radial fracture site lesionn at the wrist joint. Infobox medical condition new.

Four patients were treated operatively. The casting was done with a below-elbow cast. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Perform open reduction and internal fixation of the radius, then assess the proximal radioulnar joint for instability, and percutaneously fix the proximal radioulnar joint if instability persists.

Furthermore, we did not have a clear strategy for immobilization of Galeazzi fractures; therefore, the decision to use below- or above-elbow casts followed the preferences of the treating surgeon. Unstable fracture-dislocations of the forearm: In a year-old boy with a Galeazzi fracture of the right arm, an A AP view and B lateral view at the time of admission show palmar dislocation of the ulna and a fracture of the radius in the distal third.

From to lesipn, children with displaced forearm fractures were identified. One child experienced a complicated clinical course. Cervical fracture Jefferson fracture Hangman’s fracture Flexion teardrop fracture Clay-shoveler fracture Lwsion fracture Compression fracture Chance fracture Holdsworth fracture.


Arrow points at the dislocated ulnar head.

L7 – years in practice. None of our patients could provide reliable information regarding the exact mechanism of injury.

Half of the fractures in our series were underdiagnosed and immobilized in a below-elbow cast with an excellent outcome in all cases.

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Reduction was performed with the patients under general anesthesia in all cases. A purely motor nerve, the AIN is a division of the median nerve.

Monteggia, Galeazzi and Essex-Lopresti lesions. This injury is confirmed on radiographic evaluation.

Galeazzi Fractures – Trauma – Orthobullets

A year-old girl sustained a refracture of the radius and an additional fracture and dislocation of the ulna. In children, reports regarding the incidence of this type of injury differ substantively from 0. Published online Apr According to the guidelines of the local ethics committee, informed written consent was not required for this retrospective study.

Injury to the AIN can cause paralysis of the flexor pollicis longus and flexor digitorum profundus muscles to the index finger, resulting in loss of the pinch mechanism between the thumb and index finger. Localization lesjon these fractures and displacement of the ulna were recorded. With the children under general anesthesia, closed reduction was performed and plaster casts were applied for immobilization of the fractures.

We retrospectively analyzed the medical data of all children who were admitted for inpatient treatment after fractures of the forearm.