Mar 25 2020

Winnie Perry is a teenager—at last! And it’s a really big deal. A ginormous deal, that, wouldn’t you know it, brings ginormous problems. The Winnie Years is an ongoing series of children’s fiction novels by American author Lauren Myracle. In Thirteen Winnie finds that one of her brother’s friends is battling leukemia, prompting her to later donate her hair to Locks of Love. Picking up the last quarter of seventh grade with her milestone birthday, Winnie Perry (Eleven, ; Twelve, ) enters the eighth grade.

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When Winnie meets with him outside, he is with two other girls and when Winnie sits down, he barely acknowledges her! Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every message.

Winnie s boyfriend, Lars, is fabulous except when he s not. I thought this book was a great way to end the series. It is set in the twenty first century.

THIRTEEN by Lauren Myracle | Kirkus Reviews

Read it Forward Read it first. Nov 13, Michaela added it. Nov 08, Madeline rated it did not like it. I didn’t find the plot line very compelling or interesting, and never felt sure if Myracle was trying to paint Winnie as a self-absorbed character or a “good” character. I also loved when Winnie told Amanda that she hates when people use the word “retarded.

Not for someone else, but for myself. I enjoyed the friendship way more than the boy problems. I remember liking the books before Thirteen Plus One but I found Myracle’s latest novel boring, and therefore skimmed much of it. Up Close With Laren.


Now by reading this book I found out how mature I was for a twelve year old because I acted nothing like the thirteenn character. While I thought Eleven and Twelve were quite appropriate for their titled ages, I was not as enamored with this book in the beginning.

Her plot line can help to avoid all of these problems and if you do get into one, her advice will help.

Winnie Perry is finally a teenager! Sep 27, Dania rated it it was amazing Shelves: They were really funny. Here’s what has happened so far. The book starts off at the beginning of school like the other books do 10,11,12she’s starting her first year of high school with her friends Dinah and Cinnimon. The author can really paint a picture of the setting in your head.

Then, she finally tells him what she wanted. Remember in the old days when books like Betsy-Tacy and Anne of Green Gables would just keep going and going until their characters grew up, got married, and had kids? At the beginning, Winnie turns 14 and she makes a list of things to do before high school, and each chapter is her accomplishing something new, with the title of the goal as the chapter title. The purpose of this book is to help girls not be intimidated by the coming age of thirteen.

It seems that characters in other books like Thirteen have really unrealistic goals or outlooks on life. United States of America. I think the strength in this book was the drama in it and the the emotion the author wanted you to feel. Archie Giant Comics Bash. Winnie has finally reached her thirteenth birthday. She apparently can’t make friends with a boy without flirting with him, so Comes out February 28th, There are a series of books that come before Thirteen, they are called, Eleven, and Twelve.


Now the age is a big thing that confuses me because she’s a thirteen year old in high school. I was unaware of the transition between months, weeks, and days. My question is, why?

Later Winnie’s boyfriend separates himself from her by stopping most communication. In past years I have savored getting to know Winnie through the challenges of laurej up, even as I went through them myself.

She became that ridiculously overly sensitive teenager who reacts stupidly to everything. DisneyAmy Mebberson and Joe Caramagna.

Thirteen – Lauren Myracle – Google Books

Apr 18, Ellie rated it really liked it. This book was not a personal choice to read. This article has 0 comments. Gee, I wish you could write longer on these things. The Winnie Years 5 books. She is happy because now she can be a great older sister.


This is the last book in the series though, so that’s good. There were issues of life and death. I give this book five stars! The other books didn’t mention cell phones at all!

I read plenty of YA and had recently started to dip my toes into MG at the urging of my nephew myracld, but needed a broader scope. It is interesting and an add on to thirteen.