Mar 20 2020

: U3-HV: Electronics. The free software that comes with this LabJACK U3 box also allows you to stream record data to your hard drive which is. A versatile low-cost USB multifunction data acquisition and control device. Has flexible inputs which can be configured for any mix and analogue inputs, and. The LabJack data acquisition modules are flexible I/O modules for getting signals in to and out from your computer. The family features wide software support.

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For analog input information see Section 2. Thank you very much in advance. The first 16 digital inputs can also be read in a hardware timed input stream where all 16 inputs count as a single stream channel. The U3 does not have any sort of patch through options. The CB15 is a simple screw terminal breakout for the DB15 lajack. I would like to have “next I would like to have “next topic” or “next section” and “previous topic” links at the bottom of each page.

U3-HV – USB Multifunction Data Acquisition Unit – 10V Input Range

They are first class for a coach price The U3 is the most economical member of the family but it’s packed with features.

The host then has to decide what to do with that information.


For faster acquisitions use the ready-to-run executable which streams analog inputs from channels on a U3, U6, or UE9. For valid measurements, the voltage on every analog input pin, with respect to ground, must be within Additionally, we provide all the software you need to get the most out of your LabJack.

2 – Hardware Description [U3 Datasheet]

Shouldn’t the link point to the U3 and not the U12 guide or are they so similar that it doesn’t matter? The U3 does not have any sort The U3 does not have any sort of patch through options. It will take a few millisecond to receive and respond to a command. Warranty, Liability, Compliance 1 – Installation 1. GB VAT 1 jQuery ‘ pquantity’. Everything after section 2. To specifically restrict your search to just this datasheet, include “site: Analogue input resolution is bits.

It is easy to collect input data, convert to engineering units, display it, and log it to file, without any programming. Sign up for sneak peaks and sales! Each amplifier converts a differential input to single-ended. The first 16 digital inputs can also be read in a hardware timed input stream where all 16 inputs count as a single stream channel. Mechanical Switch Closure 2. Programming for custom behavior: Print this section Save as PDF.

How do I write to internal flash? We want to monitor two differential lines: These ticks are commonly used as an excitation The range of single-ended low-voltage analog inputs on the U3-LV is typically 0 to 2.


If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with a product, contact us to arrange your choice of a refund or replacement.

Navigating using the Table of Contents. When you click “Export all” the server creates a PDF on-the-fly using the current content. Analog input resolution is bits.

What can I try?

Is there a common lbjack Options For Contacting Us Post in our forums Post a comment in the relevant section of documentation: Hello Is possible to connect Hello Is possible to connect this DAQ module with accelerometer for measuring vibrations?

U3 Datasheet | LabJack

Is there any way to close Is there any way to close labjack or release labjack during program running? Most information in this datasheet applies to all U3 variants.

Be sure to keep an eye on the U3-jv Firmware page for the latest U3 firmware. The analog outputs have filters with a 3 dB cutoff around 16 Hz, limiting the frequency of output waveforms to less than that. We We have a U3-HV module. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.