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Patterson, Thomas Carl Morley was in general opposed to ideas that other external groups had influenced the Maya, but in this case, since the conquest occurred in the “degenerate” Post-Classic phase he found it acceptable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recent genetic studies have shown Morley to be largely correct in this, although the beginnings of its domestication 12, to 7, years ago pre-dates the establishment of anything resembling Maya society.

It was Morley’s view, and one that found wide support, that these undeciphered portions would contain only more of the same astronomical, calendric and perhaps religious information, not actual historical data. The Mexican government was already at work restoring the massive pyramid, El Castillo. During the s, it also became evident that he had developed cardiac difficultieswhich would plague him for the remainder of his life. Of these, perhaps the two most notable were J. He also published several large compilations and treatises on Maya hieroglyphic writingand wrote popular accounts on the Maya for a general audience.

This complex now called the “Complex of a Thousand Columns”, although the columns number fewer than one thousandun-Maya-like in both execution and arrangement, added confirmation to earlier speculations that Chichen Itza was something of an enigma. As far as Morley’s own research is concerned, its reputation for soundness and quality has been downgraded somewhat in the light of recent reappraisals; [35] yet he is still regarded as an important contributor to the field. American Anthropological Association and affiliated societies.

Breaking the Maya Code. Consequently, most of Morley’s attempts to advance understanding of the Maya script have been superseded. Thompson had studied Morley’s work and from that taught himself Maya calendricswhich were a particular passion for Morley. Morley gave Merriam a tour of the area he believed would be best for excavation and restoration, a mound complex then known as the Group of One Thousand Columns which included the Temple of Warriors.


How long ago the site had been functionally abandoned not including the ongoing presence of local Maya farmers was not immediately apparent, although it appeared to have been recently, in comparison with the seemingly older abandoned sites of the central and southern Maya region.

Archaeological Institute of America.

His publications are now generally superseded, except for his calendrical compilations. Morley and the World of the Ancient Mayas. Chichen Itza had evidently been functionally abandoned long before the Spanish first came, although the local indigenous Yucatec Maya still lived in settlements nearby, and even within its former boundaries but in recently built wooden huts, not the stone buildings themselves.

Several times, he was incapacitated by recurring bouts of malaria and he had to be hospitalised after separately contracting colitis and then amoebic dysentery the following year. He had particular talents in communicating his fascination for the subject to a wider audience, and in his lifetime became quite widely known as perhaps the quintessential model of an early 20th-century Central American scholar and explorer, complete with his ever-present pith helmet.

Evanston Public Library – Resource not available

Coeand David H. This second Sylvanus G. Quotation as cited in Coep. After almost twenty years, Carnegie’s Chichen Itza project wound to a close inits restorative and investigative work complete and its objectives substantially met.

He was buried in a plot in Santa Fe’s Fairview Cemetery; his second wife Frances Rhoads Morley was interred in the same plot upon her death in Some leading figures from a later generation of Mayanists would come to regard his publications as being inferior in detail and scope to that of his predecessors, such as Teoberto Maler and Alfred Maudslay — poorer quality reproductions, omitted texts, sometimes inaccurate drawings.

Although initially accepted by some sources as authentic, later analysis demonstrated striking similarities with the Spanish-language edition of Morley’s work, and thus identifying them as modern fakes made sometime between and Believing that there must be many more as-yet unknown ancient Maya sites in the area, Morley advertised a “bounty” in return for news of such sites to the local chicleroswho ranged through the jungles seeking exploitable sources of natural gum ; in due course he was rewarded with the information which led to its rediscovery.

His directorship over all of the Institute’s activities in the Maya region soon ran into difficulty. In December the board announced it was seeking proposals for an appropriate project; three proposals were submitted, including one from Morley to explore and excavate Chichen Itza. Many Mayan scholars and archaeologists had their first research opportunity and employment under Morley’s tutelage working on the various Carnegie morey. Confusingly, and remarkably, there were actually two Sylvanus Griswold Syvlanus whose careers were contemporaneous.


The authors of research into his spying proclaim Morley “arguably the best secret agent the United States produced during World War I”. Anthropologist and Mayanist scholar archaeologyepigraphy. He was an undergraduate at Harvard while I was in the Grad. The chronology of Chichen Itza continues to be a source of debate, and the hoped-for mays to the mystery of the Classic Maya decline elusive wholesale “Mexicanisation” by invading forces ruled out by the lack of these indicators in the central and southern sites.

Sylvanus Morley

Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Carnegie Institution at Morley’s urging accordingly hired Thompson, and he soon found himself at work in Chichen Itza, involved with its architectural reconstruction for which task Thompson had no particular qualifications.

Retrieved from ” https: Ciivilizacion using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Small Morley preceded Sylvanus the archaeologist into Harvard, and he was later to establish a career as a Professor of Spanish at the University of California, Berkeley.

Towards the end of the project Morley’s work on these was to be superseded somewhat by a more-comprehensive analysis made by Hermann Beyer in I frequently have differed with the opinions of Dr.

I think he has none of mine.

Small Naya died in ; his son Thomas published his autobiographical notes posthumously. Sylvanus duly enrolled in a civil engineering degree at PMC, graduating in In his day, Morley was widely regarded as one of the leading figures in Maya scholarship, in authority perhaps second only to Eric Thompson, whose views he mostly shared.

In general, Morley held that the ancient Maya had been the pre-eminent civilization of Mesoamerica, from which other cultures had drawn their influences. Morley also conducted espionage in Mexico on behalf of the United States during Mmaya War I, but the scope of those activities only came to light well after his death. Several times Morley needed to convince suspicious soldiers xylvanus his bona fidesand was almost unmasked on occasion.

The move made us homonyms, and gave rise to endless confusion.