Mar 18 2020

Shihan ni rei, Bow to the karate master. Shinzen ni rei, Bow to show respect for the dojo. Sensei ni rei, Bow to the karate teacher. Sempai ni rei, Bow to the karate . Terminology for Beginners. If you are new to Kyokushin, it may seem difficult to understand what’s going on. But don’t worry, everyone started out feeling exactly . West Island Karate and Karaté de L’Île are Kyokushin Karate schools in Beaconsfield and Île-Perrot on the west island of Montreal, General Terminology.

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Shuto Sakotsu – Uchikomi. The retracting arm of a punching, blocking, or striking technique. Shuto Ganmen – Uchi.

Contestants from over 30 countries took part with fighters participating over the two day event. Tobi Hiza – Geri. Jodan Ushiro – Geri.

Glossary of Kyokushin Karate Terms

A sign of respect, trust, and appreciation. Hiji Yoko – Uchi.

Often the place where the picture of our founder, Gichin Funakoshi and flags are displayed. Sensei Duayne Davies – New Zealand. Seiken Tate Jodan – Tsuki.


Budo Karate

Referee asks the decision of the judges. It is made from the three Japanese characters: You will be able see each match as competitors vie for the championship. Kakato Age – Geri. Rising Inverted-Fist Strike to the Jaw.

Kakato Jodan Mae – Geri. This Kata book is something that we have been looking for some time, now have a book that will standardise everyone’s kata, through the use of the drawings and the detailed explanations for each kata.

The kiai in it’s basic form is a shout which is used to emphasise and develop courage, character, power, endurance and breath control. Koken Chudan Uchi – Uke. Jodan Mae Hiza – Geri. Gedan Mae – Geri. Shotei Jodan – Uchi. Chudan Ushiro – Geri. Haisoku Ch udan Mawashi -Geri.

Glossary of Kyokushin Karate Terms | The Martial Way

Prescribed sequences of techniques performed with specific rhythm and timing KI kee: Tettsui Hizo – Uchi. Fudo Dachi – Shizen Dachi. I believe that Shihan John Taylor’s Kata Manuals are a unique tool to standardise Kata throughout IKO Matsushima, plus it can be used as a way of retention for our students with its turn key approach to learning ‘ Kyokushin Karate Kata ‘ and ‘ Kyokushin Karate terminology’.


Shotei Gedan – Uke. Chudan Mawashi – Geri.

The calligraphy is a symbol of Kyokushinkai. A proper sitting position used for the formal opening and closing of the class, and whenever the instructor asks students to sit on the side to watch a demonstration of techniques or kata. Teminology Oroshi – Uchi. Kakato Chudan Mae – Geri. Both Palm-Hands Outside Block. Shuto Gedan – Barai.

Kyokushin Karate – General Terminology

Shuto Jodan Uchi – Uchi. Seiken Jodan – Tsuki. Any grade below a termknology belt. Chudan Mae – Geri. Shotei Morote Jodan – Uke. Sune Gedan Mawashi – Geri.