Mar 20 2020

Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors. KROHNE 03/ – – TD IFC R05 en. The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the . 2. The high-performance solution. IFC is the only electromagnetic flow converter with 3 x diagnostics of instrument, application and .

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S field frequency too high The ratio of the two measuring windows is not equal to 1, the magnetic field is not properly in steady state. Grounding Of Sensors primary Heads Warning: Not valid for CAP capacitive! Availability Of Services Crimp wire end ferrules onto both conductors. This also connects the outer shield to the housing. Ifc Signal Converter I counter 3 stopped This is counter 3 or FB4 with Profibus. Tables Of Settable Functions The most reliable way is ifv actuate the keys perpendicular to the front.

The electrical connection of the outer shield is different for the various housing ,rohne. English, Danish, Polish China: F display Error, operational fault in display. Make sure not to damage the stranded drain wires 1, 20, One converter for all applications, and thus advantages with regard to procurement, engineering and stock-keeping.

KROHNE IFC Converter Quickstart EN User Manual | 68 pages

Only available when flow profile “on” activated in Fct. Laying Electrical Cables Correctly A signal converter is used to amplify the signal voltage, filter it and convert it into signals for totalising, recording and output processing.


This filter allows a faster signal tracking for slowly changing flow values. In the table below, “x” is a placeholder for possible multi-digit alphanumeric combinations, depending on the available version. S electrode symmetry Impedance of the two measuring electrodes not equal.

KROHNE Ifc-300 F ALTOMETER Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter B437790

F factory settings Error during the CRC check of the factory settings. D is set under “mode see above “, and this output is a “status output”.

Pull a shrinkable tube over the prepared cable. Unimpeded inlet and outlet runs of the measuring sensor are too short, pipe not full, measuring tube liner damaged. F current output C Error, operational fault in current output for terminal C.

Contributions from third parties are identified as such. Look at the device nameplate to ensure that the device is delivered according to your order. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters Ifc 300 Signal Converter

Please observe the corresponding instructions. Grounding Of Sensors primary Heads If device configuration unchanged: Actual conductivity is indicated.

If this limit occurs sporadically in processes with air pockets, solid contents or low conductivity, then either the limit has to be increased or a pulse filter used so as to quell the error messages and also reduce the measurement errors. Status Table in Sect. Select diagnosis value for testing the various analogue outputs. Your measuring device is supplied ready for operation. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


Changing of settings in Fct. Take note of the voltage data on the nameplate! Construction of signal cable B 1 Stranded drain wire for the inner shield 101.

The signal converter is mounted directly on the measuring sensor. We specialize in all types of pumps, mixers, valves, process controls, level and flow controls. F configuration also when changing modules Invalid configuration: Set Free Units The cables are factory connected and labeled as follows. Length Of Signal Cable B Display functions Operating menu Setting the parameters using 2 measured value pages, 1 status page, 1 graphics page measured values and graphics are freely adjustable Language display texts as language package Standard: About Us Vissers Sales Corp.

The measurement cannot be changed!

Construction of wall-mounted housing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Cover for terminal compartments Terminal compartment for measuring sensor Kkrohne compartment for inputs and outputs Terminal compartment for power supply with safety cover shock-hazard protection Cable entry for signal cable Cable entry for field current cable Cable entry for inputs and outputs Cable entry for power supply 1 Turn lock to the right and open the cover.