Jun 02 2020

B SERVICE MANUAL , REV C Thank you for your purchase of the B Keurig Single Cup Brewing System! U U The B is the. the Cleaning Instructions in this guide. Turn off and unplug the brewer before cleaning or maintenance. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts. Download KEURIG B SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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The next screen will look like these invert display colors. See Figures 18 and 19 below. The Coinco unit is not provided with the coin changer accessory. Le MENU offre les options suivantes: See figure 10 below. Now let the brewer stand for at least one hour.

Keurig Inc. Coffeemaker B : Inc. Coffeemaker User Manual

When reinstalling the new module connect the Hot Water Vent hose to the vent nipple FIRST, and then connect the wire harness and two solenoid wires before you place the module on its support post making sure that they are secure and tight.

Page of 92 Go. Seefigures 4 and 5 below. It is possible for calcium deposits to build up faster, making it necessary to de-scale more often. Locate the two screws at the top of the module. Page 22 for brewers with serial number and up. Menu Mode Below Serial Number Power off the brewer and drain both hot and cold water tanks.

Damage to the Flojet pump can occur. Two mounting holes with screws have been provided on the back of the brewer for this purpose. Dispensing Hot Water The B brewer is able to dispense hot water for making hot chocolate, instant soups, etc. Push in on the collar, and pull out the tube.


Keurig B3000 User Manual

Please and thank you! Disconnect the multi colored wire harness located to the left of the Hot Water Valve and the two wires on the Hot Water Valve solenoid. The exit needle, located on the outer edge of the K-Cup holder, allows the brewed coffee to be dispensed into a cup or mug. The water does not take the same path as in the coffee brewing process because the boost in pressure form 3b000 brew pump [G] is lower than the cracking pressure of the brew path check kfurig [M].

Lift the Puncture Mechanism Module straight up about 2 inches 50mm to disengage the unitfrom a support mount. By looking at the error code being displayed and reading the diagnostic chart provided in this manual, or hitting the Menu Button page 19 for brewers up to serial numberpage 22 for brewers with serial number and up once, you will be able to determine which module needs to be replaced.

Draining Draining the B Brewer Emptying the drip tray If you wish to drain the brewer, the following To empty the drip tray grasp the drip tray by steps should be followed: Install the replacement sensor making surethat all connections are tight. Completely loosen the two captive screws holding the Power Module to the bottom base plateand pull out slightly.

Please read and b000 these instructions.

Keurig B Coffeemaker User Manual |

Remove the four screws holding the PCB to the chassis. Care must be taken when removing these clamps so that damage to these hoses does not occur. Install the new module and connect the appropriate wire connection, cover plate and reinsert thehinge pins making sure that they are secure and tight.


Remove the Multi Connector Tee manifold from amnual module. Remove the nut 6mm securing the green ground wire on the left hand side of the Power Module.

Answered on Nov 26, Power up the brewer and follow the PRIME procedure again, performing several 10 cleansing brews to remove any residual taste from the citric acid. This is a quick release tube connection. The brew pump pressurizes the system to approximately 4 psi Raise the handle Lower the handle Auto Cont. Water Sensor waterlevel low The B Coin Changer Accessory is custom designed to be used exclusively with the BCommercial Brewer and the aforementioned coin mechanism.

The display will read: It will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. You can disable up to 3 cup sizes.

Coin retrieval opening Figure 11 Figure 13 Figure 12 2. Within 4 seconds, push this RED button four times. See figures 8 and 9 below.

Filter RequirementsThe Keurig B brewer system requires the use of a water filtration system to optimize thecoffee flavor and brewer reliability. Turn the brewer around so the back is facing you.

Keurig B3000 Use & Care Manual

There are no component level repair capabilities for this brewer. It is built in amodular fashion which makes it easy to perform preventative maintenance and service should the needarise.

They are captive screws so To open the panel depress the tab and pull back on the coin slot to rotate the panel toward you and down. The LCD screen will display the image below.