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Johannes Itten – L’Art de la

Eva Plaut later taught art at the Sorbonne in Paris. Walter Gropius participated in the architectural examinations at the Itten-Schule. Yumeji Takehisas influence on Itten and the students at the Itten-Schule From toan artist named Yumeji Takehisa went to observe the art movements in America and Europe. Nohannes a book, Johannes Itten Jlhannes und Schriftenedited by Willy Rotzler, there is a mention that Hans Kayser had a personal contact with Itten in ,and his two daughters visited the Itten-Schule.

Tagebuch, Handschriftliches Manuskript, Kunstmuseum Bern, Mitsuko Yamamuro and Mrs. She said that she had taught six to eight young men in her class. We learned a lot from him. The aims of education at the Itten-Schule were to lead the creative ability in humans, to develop, and to teach methods in art education in accordance with the students special talents and abilities [1].

Shounan Mizukoshi and Yumeji TakehisaJapanese painters, gave lessons on the Japanese painting to Itten and his students at the Itten-Schule. The spirituarity of Japanese Zen contributes greatly to this type of educational purpose [27].

This is an expression of modesty. They said that Ittens teaching was unique in a sense that it reflected east-west philosophies and spirituality. Mizukoshis teaching methods were similar to those of Yi Jing, a Japanese painter described in Georg Muches Blick punkt.


Itten Johannes a Szinek Muveszete 1997

The mvszege of Itten and the Japanese people can be said to have played an important role in the following two aspects: Itten glued printed material including a photograph of Mizukoshis portrait and postcard of Mizukoshis exhibition works in his private diary. Relationships among Mizukoshi, Ohara, and Itten, the details of Mizukoshis lessons, and the details about Yi Jing are from the following treatise: In his diary, Itten wrote that in Nanga one treated things symbolically [5].

It also contained illustration excerpts from a special article on the Itten-Schule in Die Form mohannes and the details of Ittens teaching methods, such as the contrast of Light and Dark [15]. Itten Johannes the Elements of Color Documents. Bijutsuka-Kyouikugakkaishi, Bijutsukyouikugaku,23, I will clarify what influence was given to Japan by the Japanese students who had studied at the Itten-Schule together with the activities of Eva Praut based on the historical facts of educational exchanges.

Nobody would believe it, it is a flower, and further wrote, He is a small and slender man who wears glasses. This book became a Bible for those who wanted to learn of the Bauhaus education and the basis of design education in Japan thereafter.

He paid attention to the spiritual application of Japanese art and included brush drawing as part of the basic curriculum in his design education. Prospectus of Itten-Schule, private collection During his stay in Berlin, Mizukoshi gave lessons on Nanga, a type of Japanese painting drawn with brush and ink, at the Sznel and the private residence of AlekisanAlexander Mfszete, the commercial attach at the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. The Elements of Color 7 types of colour Sasagawa taught art using this book at Jiyu-Gakuen-school.


It was also Nagai that translated the class text materials prepared by Yumeji Takehisa who will be mentioned later.

One is that Itten found out the common points between his idea of art education and the way of Japanese painting brush paintingand the other is that Yamamuro and Sasagawa brought Ittens education to Japan and laid the foundation for the acceptance of Ittens education in later years. Yumeji tried to teach the Japanese art in lectures in which he included discussing the culture and spirituality of Japan in addition to practical painting lessons.

As described above, Mizukoshi taught his students to observe an object scientifically, to grasp the essence of the object ittenn to draw what it symbolizes. It is the wonderful fusion of east-west intelligence and sensibility in design education. It is highly likely that the two people may be the same individual [6]. The book contained their report on Ittens educational methods.

Later, when Itten asked Yamamuro to recommend a good English book on Sumi-ink painting, she sent him Kaishien-gaden Jieziyuan Johannees with the help of Kenji Yoshioka, an artist in Japanese painting [26]. Aus Unterricht der Itten-Schule.

Ittens interests and aspirations towards Japan and Asia were not of impermanent nature but of a life long endeavor that lasted to his old age.