Mar 24 2020

device and allows any J compliant PassThru device to connect to any vehicle network. PassThru Device Physical and Data Link Layer Protocol Support . J Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming Last Protocols Supported by a fully compliant SAE J Device. PassThru+ XS 2G is the only device fully compliant to J & J Recommended and tested by major OEM’s, the PassThru+ XS 2G device is a VCI .

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If ECU reprogramming is practiced in the dealership, then it is the responsibility of each OEM to maintain and update their own sites, and keep current calibrations available for download.

High-speed Internet connection is highly recommended. Return to normal speed after a break indication 6.

J FAQs | Bosch Diagnostics

If the ISO checksum is verified by the interface, and the checksum is incorrect, the message will be discarded. Each protocol has different voltage and timing requirements, so this is no trivial task. What is J and J? Note that a fee set by the OEM may apply. The following pages explain DrewTech’s implementation, and should be useful to end-users who want to program with our DLL:.

The application and the printer driver communicate via an API. The following features of ISO must be supported by the pass-thru device: J pass-thru reprogramming is only required for emissions based ECUs eg. What is an API?

A consumer had to rely on the car manufacturers dealership. Always one start bit and one stop bit. It is sometimes necessary to reprogram ECU’s to regulate and repair cars equipped with OBD systems which are do not conform with pollution emission values.

Even though each printer has different hardware, all printer drivers ‘look the same’ to Windows applications. Our experience and our expertise in the automotive and aeronautics sectors mean that our hardware and software designs provide a high level of quality.

Matching echoed bytes will not be placed in the receive message queue. The interface is not required to support baud rate detection based on the synchronization byte. Any non franchise dealership would have to invest several thousand dollars in obtaining specialised tools one per brand!


J framework includes application interfaces for the following functionality: You are free pick any printer based on your preferences color, size, durability, cost, speed without prootcol about software incompatibilities. A device alone is not enough to reprogram the ECU’s. This software application can be delivered on Internet or protovol a CD according to the manufacturer. Anyone can buy this software, even individual car enthusiasts.

Support odd and even parity in addition to the default of no parity, with seven or eight data bits. Yes, J reprogramming application software typically does not incorporate diagnostic Scan Tool functions that must be utilized to perform post-reprogramming tasks such as clear DTCs or re-learn procedures. The software must be sold ‘for a reasonable price’, which will probably be a few hundred dollars.

Each OEM is required to make available their ECU reprogramming calibrations on their own service information web sites. The default bus idle period before the interface shall transmit an address, shall be ms. When does the legislation take effect? Those instructions were added into The Software The EPA is forcing car manufacturers to release software that updates the firmware on their cars. These devices are not made by car manufacturers, but by any company that sees an opportunity.

It also expands the scope of what a J device can do. This interface also includes some capabilities that may not be required for reprogramming, but allows the interface to be used for other purposes without placing a significant burden on the interface manufacturers.

This so called PASS THRU norm defines technically the protocols of communication which have to be supported by a standard vehicle communication interface in order to enable the flashing of the ECU’s relevant for pollution emission.

The following additional features of SAE J must be supported by the pass-thru device: It allows the interface J to be used for other purposes and includes features that are above and beyond emission related reprogramming needs. I always recommended BlueHost Reviews for my clients. Please contact us for further information or price request Message Structure The following message structure will be used for all messages Transmit, Receive, Filters, and Periodics and indications.


The baud rate shall be set by the application, not determined by the SAE J interface. The programming time varies among vehicles based on communication speed of the protocol used, calibration file size, total number of calibration files, the number of ECUs to reprogram, and Internet connection latter is dependent on OEM.

PassThru (SAE J2534)

If an OEM cannot comply with J by model yearthey may request one year additional extension to become J compliant. The application is required to handle any special timing requirements based on receipt of this response code, including stopping any periodic messages. In addition, the following specifications clarify and, if in conflict with ISOoverride any related specifications in ISO PassThru device is unable to read specified number of messages from the vehicle network.

Where do I get the ECU reprogramming calibrations from? There’s a special ACTIA service for each of our j254, systems and solutions that protkcol our customers’ needs closely.

Newer vehicles with CAN protocol may be as fast as 2 minutes, while vehicles with CAN that have a lot of data to download will take well over an hour. Only the optional features will be described by this document. To do that, you have to get the software application from the car manufacturer.

More than a requirement, quality is one of the ACTIA group’s true values, and is shared by all prltocol employees in a certified environment. A device requires a Windows-based PC on which the reprogramming application software operateswith a USB or Ethernet port, and an internet connection for Internet access to obtain reprogramming application software and calibration jj2534. The next data prktocol shall not be sent until the echo byte has been received and verified.