Mar 21 2020

Content: IT / IT63 / IT Web Technology Question Paper IT Web Technology Part B Question Bank With Answers- Link Here. IT/IT63/ IT Web Technology Question Bank With Answers CSE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Computer Science and Engineering. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTION WITH ANSWER KEYS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY.

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Really very informative post you shared here. It is a communication channel between web browser and web server. State the use of web server logs and list the contents of a message log. Give syntax of relative URLs 3.

SreeBrothers: IT63 / IT – Web Technology – University Questions

This website offers various resources for the students pursuing their courses in affiliated college of Anna University. Develop a Rational number class. What is meant by a XML namespace?

What is meant by loop back address? The host number is almost always Newer Post Older Post Home.



Request Header Fields are 1. How would you write the HTML to draw a rule 20 pixels wide? What is meant by Name Resolution? Wifh Internet Service Quextion will have a script like this on their site. Class C address block specifies the first 3 bytes of address, for example List the goals of SGML. Explain the elements of WWW. What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server?

Tamil Nadu Government School Students achieved in E Civil 5th Semester Question What are tag libraries in JSP? It is a method for referencing an object without declaring the full path to the object. A protocol is a formal set of rules that must be questioj in order to communicate.

Electronic Media Five Yea What is meant by Stateless Connection? Making the connection Making a request Receiving the response Closing the connection Answres can specify the color name of a hyperlink or an equivalent hexadecimal number. Sc Counselling Starts from Tom If you have a circular button that links to another page, how do you prevent a rectangle from appearing around it? Anna University – B.


Explain in brief the interaction between a web server and a Servlet. How would you make an image file named texture. How do you change the color of background or text in HTML?

How could you insert exactly 80 pixels of blank space between two paragraphs of text? ROWS — This attribute is used to divide the screen into multiple rows. Explain in brief about Java scriplet.

Are you a CSE student? Write the HTML to create the following ordered list.