ISO 9186-2 PDF

Mar 26 2020

BS ISO Graphical symbols. Test methods. Method for testing perceptual quality. standard by British Standard / International. This part of ISO specifies a method for testing the perceptual quality of graphical symbols, to verify that the elements that constitute a graphical symbol are. Purchase your copy of BS ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards.

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Log In Sign Up. The subcommittee experts face a challenging task to keep up with the continuous flow of new requirements, and are developing a system of electronic voting with, at its heart, an evolving database, originally developed by IEC. The workload is handled through its three subcommittees SC: Guidance for the use of sio safety signs and beach safety flags will be published soon giving helpful guidance for their use.


This revised standard was published earlier this year and will soon be joined by its companion, ISOwhich covers methods for testing perceptual quality. However, there are some messages which are incapable of direct representation and require an abstract image, an example being the biological hazard warning sign. Rubber and plastic industries As well as publishing standardized symbols, the committee has developed a range of design principles 91866-2 help those who wish to propose new symbols for: Variants of graphical symbols are presented to the respondents in random order.


A comprehensive range of signs has been developed for use on beaches and at other water areas, such as swimming pools and lakes, in the first part of the ISO series of standards on water safety. He is an oso fellow of the University of Brighton.

Ieo example project shows that the comprehensibility of the graphical symbols need to be evaluated in order to know how comprehensive those are, even if designed by professionals.

ISO 9186-2:2008

Due to the complexity of road information in the Trans-European road network, there is a strong need to present information to the driver in a standardized 986-2 comprehensible way. Similar to the comprehensibility judgement test, there are threshold values given, to determine which variants may be accepted as a standardized graphical symbol. This is being followed with new work starting on ISOPublic information guidance systems – Design principles and requirements for elements – Part 1: ISO was revised with accessibility issues in mind, and will be expanded to take into account the increasing demands for a clear and concise way of presenting information readily to the widest possible public.

This page was last edited Its coordination role helps ensure good design and avoid unnecessary proliferation and duplication. This also helps to ensure that the signs are used correctly, and will be of value when searching the ISO database that is currently being developed.

According to these boundaries, one can decide, whether a variant can be accepted or at least subjected to the comprehension test. Petroleum and related technologies Test data, when available, helps to guide these decisions.

The whole basis of the work implies close cooperation with other technical committees and industry bodies. Graphical symbols – Test methods – Part 2: Mining and minerals Some will be familiar to all of us, for example, the windscreen or windshield washer symbol in our cars, but most are restricted to very specific applications.

  ASTM D6560 PDF

The method isso evaluating how well the graphical symbol communicates its intended message.

BS ISO – Graphical symbols. Test methods. Method for testing perceptual quality

A total of 84 variants for the 33 referents were tested on respondents. The different ways in which these are used, means that abstract images are more common.

The standard defines how to calculate a score for each variant.

This effort has 916-2 how we can work with outside agencies to achieve a result which meets the needs of the proposing parties, without compromising essential design and implementation principles.

Mechanical systems and components for general use ISO and ISO use the same graphical images for people and objects, and are based on the premise that a symbol should be readily associated with its isl meaning. Over-complication and overuse can undermine their effectiveness while some multifaceted concepts may not be suitable for a graphical symbol.

Protecting the public Warning people of hazards and how to avoid them is a vital task in today’s health and safety conscious world.