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Iruttinte Athmavu (Malayalam: ഇരുട്ടിന്റെ ആത്മാവ്, English: The creature of Darkness) is a Indian Malayalam-language film directed by P. Directed by P. Bhaskaran. With P.J. Anthony, Kaduvakkulam Antony, Adoor Bhasi , Santha Devi. IRUTTINTE ATHMAVU (The Soul of Darkness) STORY M.T. VASUDEVAN NAIR DIRECTION RAN Iruttinte Aathmaavu.

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The book was a best seller and this particular story was widely appreciated. Bhaskaran, the film was a runaway hit and also won the National jruttinte for the best film for social integration. The film had cinematography by E. Balakrishnan, it was edited jointly by Venkitaraman and Das and some memorable music by M. There is a beautiful review in Malayalam cinema. Com where the author quotes the following……….

So where does Iruttinte Athmavu stand in our movie heritage? Cherian, in his Essays on the Cultural Formation of Kerala says it best: A major landmark in Athmavh cinema was to come in the next year with Iruttinte Atmavu. With a detailed screenplay by M. Bhaskaran could make one of the best films of his career and also athmavh Malayalam cinema with a new direction; that of the low budget film.

One iruttine see a lot of the pre-occupations of the scenarist, who carried the touches of human relationships through all of his subsequent films whether as screenplay writer or director. In spite of its large number of studio shots and overall theatricality, the film was so culturally rich that many of the episodes would become archetypes for future Malayalam film makers dealing with family drama. It depicted the story of an imbecile finely portrayed by the late Prem Nazir in a joint family with remarkable sensitivity and seriousness of purpose.

The story is all about Velayuthan. He is mentally retarded and belongs to a rich joint family. But the family feels it is a curse that is fallen on the family and is very ashamed of him. He is treated as mentally ill and almost confined to a dark room.


But atmhavu always gets into problems because of his ignorance and finally he has to be chained. The movie opens with the scene where innocent Velayuthan is making a wooden doll of Unnikrishnan for his mother.

He was looking iruttite some tools but no one takes him seriously and they all advise him to go and sit in one place.

Iruttinte Athmavu – The Hindu

athmmavu She stays with her elder brother Gopalan Nair. Their father is old and stays with them. The same way he is treated by the medicine man Achuthan Nair who stays with them under the pretense of curing him.

Ammukutty is very happy to take care of their needs. Only Unni being so innocent wants to spend time with Velayuthan. Ammukutty warns him several times but he never seems to listen. He was so humiliated.

Iruttinte Athmavu 1967

Madhavan nair was looking for a good alliance for Prema. They found a nice IAS officer who came to see her with the family. Once they found they have a mentally retarded cousin they decided not to have any connection with the family. Madhavan Nair was so upset. He blamed Paru and Gopalan Nair for letting Velayuthan outside and wanted them to chain him and put him in a dark room. All these things affected Parukutty who was already in a bad shape and she died leaving Velayuthan as an orphan.

Velayuthan could not even understand what is happening around him. Once when Ammukutty was walking in the farm Rajan followed her and tried to misbehave with her. Velayuthan who happened to be theresaw this and he almost strangled his neck. The whole family was there and no one was willing to hear the truth. They accused Ammukutty and Velayuthan. She decided to leave the house as she found she will never have any respect there.


The father and daughter left the house and Velayuthan was chained and locked in his room. Ammukutty held his hands before leaving and felt so helpless to leave such an innocent soul with the heartless creatures. Velayuthan broke down hearing the news and with all his strength released himself and with the chain attached to his legleft the place to see Ammu. Ammukutty was shocked to see him with the chain and torn shirt.

That was the last straw for Velayuthan to lose his mental balance completely. Praanthu ……Praanthu… The word was echoing everywhere. This movie is the masterpiece of Premnazir! The story tell us the truth how people are so insensitive in treating a mentally challenged person.

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