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Hello, can anyone tell share a link for Abit MB manuals? Got one I am rebuilding, but having a problem. Can not seem to find any manuals. I need a digital (pdf?) copy of the manual for the Abit IP35 Pro. I Checked the official abit website but all their downlaod links are dead. Any help. All electrical and electronic products should be disposed of separately from the mu- nicipal waste stream via designated collection facilities.

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The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on part of the vendor, who assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual. No warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, is made with respect to the quality, ip355 or fitness jp35 any particular manjal of this document.

In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising from any defect or error in this manual or product. Product names appearing in this manual are for identification purpose only and trademarks and product names or brand names appearing in this document are the property of their respective owners.

This document contains materials protected under International Copyright Laws.

Abit IP35 Pro User Manual

No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted or transcribed without the expressed written permission of the manufacturer and authors of this manual. If i3p5 do not properly set the motherboard settings, causing the motherboard to malfunction or fail, we cannot guarantee any responsibility. The use of the symbol indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste.


By Ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be cause by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.


Choosing a Computer Chassis Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility Intel Matrix Storage Manager Specifications and information contained herein are subject to change without notice.

Most il35 chassis have a base with many mounting holes to allow the motherboard to be securely attached, and at the same time, prevent the system from short circuits.


There are two ways to manuql the motherboard to the chassis base: Basically, the best way to attach the board is with studs. Only if you are unable to do this. Line up the holes on the board with the mounting holes on manuall chassis. If the holes line up and there are screw holes, you can attach the board with studs.

If the holes line up and there are only slots, you can only attach with spacers.

Take the tip of the spacers and insert i35 into the slots. After doing this to all the slots, you can slide the board into position aligned with slots. After the board has been positioned, check to make sure everything is OK before putting the chassis back on. Always power off the computer and unplug the AC power cord before adding or removing any peripheral or component. Plug in the AC power cord only after you have carefully checked everything.

Abit IP35 Manuals

Locate all the screw holes on the motherboard and the chassis base. Place all the studs or spacers needed on the chassis base and have them tightened.


Install the motherboard with screws and have them tightened. To prevent shorting the PCB circuit, please REMOVE the metal studs or spacers if they are already fastened on the chassis base and are without mounting-holes on the motherboard to align with.

Set pin-2 and pin-3 shorted by the jumper cap.

Wait for a few seconds. Set the jumper cap back to its default settings pin-1 and pin-2 shorted. Set the CPU operating speed back to its default or an appropriate value.

Looking for an Abit IP35 Pro manual

Save and exit the BIOS setup menu. Nevertheless, this backup battery exhausts after some five years. Power off the system and disconnect with AC power source. Remove the exhausted battery. Insert a new CR or equivalent battery.

Pay attention to its polarity. Connect AC power source and power on the system. Enter the BIOS setup menu.

Reconfigure the setup parameters if necessary. Renew only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the battery manufacturer. User Guides and Service Manuals. Multilingual Quick Installation Guide Only if you are unable to do this should you attach the board with spacers.

To install this motherboard: Remove the jumper cap, or plug it on either pin reserved for future use will leave it at OPEN position. To clear the CMOS memory and load in the default values: Power off the system. Power on the system.