Mar 21 2020

Lightweight Epoxy Fairing Compound. Interfill is the premium choice of fairing compounds for professional applicators. It has been extensively tested in our. A special 2-component epoxy filler that can be applied up to 2 cm thick in one procedure without sagging. This makes it perfectly suitable for profiling on steel. Interfill is the best choice for profiling above and below the waterline on Steel , Aluminium and Composite hulls. The special 2-component light grey epoxy.

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Available within weeks after your order has been placed. The information contained in this sheet is liable to modification from time to time in the light of experience and our policy of continuous product development. Other Spread mix out on a board to avoid excess heat build up and to keep the working life intervill long as possible.

International Fillers and Various

It can be applied both in work alive in that topsides up to 2 mm. Epiglass dosing pump, gauged to supply the correct 4: Intetfill within a few days after your order has been placed. When hardened, sand smooth with grade wet or dry paper.

Interfill may be applied by trowel, hand or stick to a thickness of 0.


Interfill 830

Your favorite Newsletter Order status. Cookies help us deliver our services. Once the sandable time has been exceeded, all fillers should be sanded before overcoating to promote good adhesion. Interfill is particularly suitable for application over large areas. Interfill is a filler finish is easy to sand for use over Interfill to correct minor imperfections before applying the itnerfill coats.

Apertura Negozio Uffici Magazzino: Interprotect or Interprime may also be used. Interfill may interrfill overcoated with InterfillInterprimeInterprime or Interprotect.

Interprotect or Interprime may also be used. International – Polwax – Lt 0,5 – Code: Apply firmly in a spreadingaction. Interfill is the best choice for profiling above and below the waterline on Steel, Aluminium and Composite hulls.

Technical Specifications Area Above and below the waterline. International – Super Cleaner – Lt 0,5 – Code: Any person using the product without first making further written enquiries as to the suitability of the product for the intended purpose does so at their own risk and we can accept no responsibility for the performance of the product or for any loss or damage other than death or personal injury resulting from negligence arising out of such use.

Coatings : Interfill

In stock In stock This product is currently in stock and can immediately be made ready for delivery after your order has been placed.


Description Pack of 5 liters.

This item will be shipped to you as soon as we receive it. Please contact us, in order to determine the exact delivery date. NEW, available within a few days Available within a few days after your order has been placed This product is not currently in stock but it has been ordered.

Interfill Boat Filler | International

International – Danboline – Lt 2,5 – Gray – Code: If left for longer intfrfill 24 hours, two component epoxy primers and fillers will need sanding with grade paper to ensure a good physical key. Please do not pose any questions which can only be answered by the SVB team — such as the status of an order or product availability.

Method Mix the two components thoroughly to an even colour. After 3 months the filler must then be re -sanded before overcoating. Watertite Epoxy Filler is a producing a highly polished finish.

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