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Apr 10 2020

Should I use the guidance of IMM E OR THE E? Which one is applicaple to me? 2. Should I pay the fees of $75 or $? 3. Should I. the guide Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Visitor (IMM ). The guide may be obtained by visiting our Web site or you can. Instruction Guide (IMM ). This application is for temporary residents who are already in Canada as visitors and wish to: Extend their stay;; Change the.

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Incorrect fee payments may delay processing. Learn about what it’s like to live in Canada and which resources are available to you to help you settle here.

Guide 5551 – Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada

All appropriate documentation and the required fee for each person must also be included. Please select all that apply: If your application is referred to a local office, you will be notified of this and will subsequently be contacted by this office. A travel visa is required for people of specific countries who iimm to Canada for a limited time to visit. 551 and fill out the application form on a computer. Question 1 From the list, indicate the reason why you want to extend your stay: Question 3 Enter when your alien registration card green card document will expire.

This application guide is for temporary residents who are already in Canada and wish to: Print, sign and date the form.

You only need to give your biometrics once every 10 years. Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”.

If you choose “Other” in question 1aprovide details.


Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Visitor –

Indicate your date of birth. This application package includes: If you wish to apply for restoration, complete the enclosed application providing full details of how you came to commit the offence.

Pierre and Miquelon by air. Question 3 Check the box to indicate if you have ever: Enter the dates year and month you attended the omm, Field s of study mechanics, social sciences, medicine, etc.

Your original temporary status as a visitor kmm under the same conditions until your application is finalized and you have been notified of the decision.

Private consultation Live support Webinars Blog About. Question 1 Check the box to indicate if: If your application is referred to a local office, they will contact you to obtain additional information or clarification and if required, invite you to an interview. Highest university degree, usually based on at least three years of graduate studies and a thesis.

Fill out this form only if you: Travel visa requirements Visitors must satisfy an immigration officer that they are real visitors who intend to leave Canada at the end of their visit. Having trouble downloading the form?

The Case Processing Centre will review your application to determine if it is complete. If your passport or travel document has a sex other than male M or female F: It is your responsibility to ensure your TRV remains valid if you wish to re-enter Canada.

Question 4 Enter the date your national identity document was issued. If you apply again, you will have to pay another processing fee. If you need more space, print out an additional page of the form, complete this section and submit it with your application. For information including eligibility, fees and required documents for working or studying in Canada, refer to the guides:.


Check the appropriate box to indicate if your additional telephone number is from Canada, the United States or Other any other country. Question 4 Check the box to indicate if you have ever served in any military, militia, civil defence unit, or serve in a security organization or police force including non obligatory national service, reserve or voluntary units.

If your current temporary resident status is still valid you can apply for an extension of your stay. I can’t find what I’m looking for. Sign and date your forms. Also, visitors will need to apply for a visa to travel to Canada, unless they are from a visa exempt country. The validity of your temporary resident status cannot exceed the validity of your passport.

You must provide truthful, accurate information. Use this chart to calculate the fees required for the service you are requesting.

Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Visitor

What information do I need to apply for an extension of my temporary status? If you are a citizen of a country or territory that requires a temporary resident visa TRV or an eTA to travel to Canada, you will also need to be in possession of a valid entry visa or an eTA to return, unless: If you or your family members are applying for other services, you can pay the fees all together.

To apply onlineyou must have: The Case Processing Centre receives large volumes of applications in the temporary resident categories each year.