May 30 2020

I’m sort of on the fence between the IFO Mk3 and the Mini IFO. I like that the Mk3 would handle outdoor a bit better than the Mini because it’s. The IFO Mk3 is a great all around airplane. Made of carbon rods, ripstop nylon, and kevlar thread, it’s easy to build, very durable, and repairable. The IFO can be . IFO is defined as Indoor Flying Object somewhat frequently. IFO Mk3 Indoor Flying Object; Conflat A Wagon Bachmann Bachmann Conflat A.

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Push rods – I decided to use wire pushrods instead of the kevlar string.

Ifo Mk3??? – RCU Forums

The wing area on the mini is advertised as square inches, meaning mine has a wing iffo of 2. Done except for covering! The first thing to do after unpacking the kit is to check against the supplied material list for any omissions and there were none. CA optional but I used it on all joints. Return to Scratchbuilt Indoor and Micro Models. Jul 11, The plain has been FCF’d and it flies great in km3 to very very light wind.

Originally Posted by jjw. When the right stick is moved down, the elevator should move up looking from the back of the plane. After charging about minutes, the QFO can be flied around 5 minutes. Nov 20, Does anyone know of a good HobbyKing alternative? Mmk3 Quick Reply – Please Wait. It was called I. AirJelly is the first indoor flying object with peristaltischem drive. Do I like it? Feb 16, The motor is just slipped on and held in place by a rubber band that allows the motor to slide ahead in a crash without shattering the motor casing!


I seem to remember the blur as it left my hand. I had the good fortune m3k meeting Dan at Oshkosh last yearwhen he was giving a talk about his use of models in the development of various projects at Scaled Composites.

Also, the battery needed more support to keep it from sliding around, since dialing in the CG is pointless otherwise. Jan 08, Remember Me Forgot Password?

HobbyKing “Blue Wonder” alternative

Turns in it’s own length Then you can see trees and ponds. Pushing the left stick up should power up the motor, but be sure you have a good grip on the plane and your fingers are iffo of the propeller!

ifk Pics of the MK3 Plan! Wait about 20 seconds, and press the frame down on the ripstop. I’ll more than likely start ordering from there from now on. Now each time things went pear shaped and the the model approached a pond I instinctively firewalled the throttle and the Mini IFO made rude noises as it skimmed just above the surface and leapt back into the air.


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A ladder can be handy for retrieval from taller trees. I buy most of my stuff from HobbyKing HobbyCity since the prices are low and I can get everything I need in one order.

Find More Posts by Billmanak. This is done by placing them over the detailed plans, and tacking in place with the Zap and wrap and soak and spray as before! I think with the new battery, it will balance just about right.

IFO MK3 ARF(no TX or RX) – RC Groups

And it was getting very dark and cold – then I realized I had been flying the model long after dusk and now I could hardly see outside. The plans and instructions were very easy to understand.

There is no landing gear, and I eliminated fio vertical stick entirely. That is hard to find these days, but it seems that there are alot more quality companies in the RC market rising to the top and becoming the ones to set the standard.

However, they don’t seems to carry the “Blue Wonder” motor.