Jun 29 2020

However, many hydrophytes have well developed root systems. For example, Eichhornia and Pistia have well developed adventitious roots. In these. A level OCR Biology on plant adaptations to water availability. Examines the adaptations made by hydrophytes and their importance.

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What is an adaptation?

Classification of plants based on water relation Warming, Lemna, Salivina, Azolla, Wolffia, Pistia. Hydrilla, Utricularia, Vallisneria, Chara, Ceratophyllum. Oryza sativa, Marsilea, Sagittaria, Typha.

Halophytic plants mangrove plants: Rhizophora, Avicennia, Kandelia candel, Carallia brachiata. Factors affecting plants in the aquatic environment. Plants will be rooted in the soil Vallisneria, Hydrilla, Potamogeton.

Free floating submerged hydrophytes Utricularia, Ceratophyllum. Nymphaea, Nelumbium, Victoria regia.

Oryza sativa, Marsilea, Sagittaria. Ecological Hydrophyres of hydrophytes: Adaptations in external features. Anatomical adaptations Adaptations in internal features. Physiological adaptations Adaptations in metabolic features.


Easy Biology Class

Morphological Adaptions of Hydrophytes: The first one is normal roots and the second one is floating roots. Anatomical Adaptations of Hydrophytes. Reduction in protecting structures. Increase in the aeration. Reduction of supporting or mechanical tissues.

Morphological and Physiological Adaptations of Hydrophytes

Reduction in vascular tissues. Reduction in the vascular tissues.

Physiological Adaptations of Hydrophytes. What are the importance of plant adaptations? More Ecology lecture Notes….

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