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[PDF] Htc Touch Hd T Manual Free Download PDF Book is the book you are looking for, by download PDF Htc Touch Hd T Manual. December 9th, – HTC Touch HD T Blackstone Manual User Htc T Touch HD Smartphone Pdf User Manuals View online or. User manual – HTC Touch HD User Manual ( MB); Quick start guide – HTC Touch HD Model – HTC Touch HD™ T (overseas), T (Australia).

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Troubleshoot sync connection problem In some cases, when the computer connects to the Internet or a local network, it may disconnect the connection with your device in favor of the Internet or network connection.

htc blackstone service manual

Task Manager Stop running programs and set the immediately when you tap the button. Phone services Your device can directly link to the mobile phone network, and enable you to access and change the settings of various phone services for your device.

You can also manually close the screen by touching the screen. Choose whether or not to include the shooting date and time on captured photos. Note You cannot copy a sent message from the thread to the SIM card. Open a recently-used program. Page 18 Browse for videos Showing a grid helps you frame and center your subject easily and accurately.


To speed up GPS positioning, download the latest ephemeris manuaal when the validity of the data expires. To view still images as a slideshow While viewing the slideshow, tap the screen to show playback controls.

Windows Mobile will automatically try one of the preconfigured passcodesto pair the Bluetooth headset with the device. Menu Panel The Menu panel provides a quick way of adjusting most common camera settings and lets you access more advanced camera settings. Page You can select from the following capture modes: To select or create a folder where to save voice recordings By default, all recordings are saved in the My Voices folder of the device. Watching Videos To delete a program channel from the Program Guide list You can mznual delete program channels that you have added to the Program Guide list.


Tap the Virtual Camera button to take a photo of the business card, then tap the Back button on the Review screen. Your computer must be connected to the Internet in order to download data.

HTC Touch HD User Manual

Tap to view the WorldCard Mobile copyright information. The power supply cord of a desktop or notebook computer has an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. Copying And Managing Files The Phone Keypad has large keys and enhanced input features such as T9 predictive input, which makes it faster for you to enter text in your messages otuch documents.

The stylus is magnetic and sticks to the side when held close to the device. In the search results list, tap a contact to select it. Front panel Earpiece Listen to a phone call from here.

Page Rewind Drag to go backward or forward on the mannual. HTC also reserves the right to revise the content of this document at any time without prior notice.

Shows the preset number when you select a preset FM station. Direct Push, Fetch Mail, Remote e-mail search, and e-mail flags are just some of the tools you can use to manage your e-mails. Advanced Options Advanced options The Advanced options let you adjust options for your selected manal mode and set Camera program preferences.

  JIS G3454 PDF

Using Fm Radio The E-mail Setup wizard then tries to find manaul e-mail provider settings on your device or from the Internet. Synchronizing With The Exchange Server 7.

Page Your computer must be connected to the Manhal in order to download data. Chapter 9 Bluetooth Chapter 9 Bluetooth 9. Page 9 blasting operations are in progress. Chapter 11 Experiencing Multimedia When Reject call t882 text message is enabled, tap Send Text when the phone rings to reject the call and send the text message to the caller.

If the attendee is not in your contacts list, tap Company Directory to view the contact information.

Tap the Input Selector arrow that appears next to the Input Panel icon to open a menu where you can select a text input method and customize input options. Enter a partial or full contact name and tap Search. Synchronize e-mails Synchronizing e-mails ensures that new e-mails are downloaded to the device Inbox folder, e-mails in the Outbox folder are sent, and e-mails deleted from the server are removed from your device.

Page 35 The direction of swiping resembles the way you move a printed youch as nanual are reading it. Tap to load pre-selected RSS channels. Since FM Radio uses the provided stereo wired headset as an antenna, you must plug in mxnual headset first onto the earphone jack of your device before you open the program.