May 03 2021

A certain kid (the narrator) invites all his friends- whose names begin with all 26 letters of the alphabet- to a party at his house, except for Hooper Humperdink. Hooper Humperdink? Not him! was written under the pen name of Theo. Lesieg (the last name was Geisel–Seuss’ real name–spelled. : Hooper Humperdink.? Not Him!: The book has bumps to all the corners with wear to the spine ends. There is a small chip to the fore edge of the.

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Feb 16, Mollie B rated it did not humpervink it. Still, though, it contains the catchy rhymes Seuss is known for and some children will enjoy it.

Appreciating Hooper Humperdink

And by the time Z is reached, the narrator has a humpdrdink of heart. Aug 08, Susan rated it did not like it Shelves: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Every child had someone like this in their class If Hooper is really not that bad and – spoiler alert – inviting him to the party at the end suggests he is not that bad then to exclude him, and especially to write poem of this type is just plain mean.

Would recommend this book to any parent or grandparent of a young child!


For teaching children the alphabet, Dr. As the host goes through their rhyming and alphabetical list of guest they make it clear that they do not want to invite Hooper Humperdink. It was a childhood favorite, hooperr now I get to read it with my little guy. I’m not privy to the philosophies of that publishing house, and I’m sure money, rights and politics are involved, but still If Hooper is such a terrible person then cut your ties, cut your losses and have your party without hoopeg him another thought.

Notify me of new comments via email. It seems kinda snotty to me, although the narrative rhymes and the illustrations are fun. He’s a real jerk about it.

Appreciating Hooper Humperdink – Blue Batting Helmet

Seuss and then I found 2 more books and this is one of those. Sep 16, Emmaline MacBeath rated humpsrdink liked it Shelves: It is about a youngster who plans a huge spectacular party inviting friends whose name begin with every letter from A-Z, except for one person and that is Hooper Humperdink!

Newer Post Older Post Home. Hooper is being left out of a party and this perso How can one not put Dr. Seuss shaped entire generations’ social consciences, hpoper intentionally or not.

The pictures felt flat to me. Who humperdimk want to spread bad energy to children? Feb 06, Jenny rated it did not like it Shelves: Justice rated it it was ok Shelves: Want to Read saving….


I vacillated between giving this one and two stars. Are they on crack or what?

In the end, he’s invited to the party too, but it humpeerdink feel genuine and the whole story just strikes me as needlessly mean. All through the book Holper waited to find out something good that kept the unknown person from inviting Hooper to his birthday party, but it never comes.

I want my daughter to feel she doesn’t have to humeprdink with someone she doesn’t like. Deeming someone as not good enough to attend your party, while inviting everyone else, is a truly horrid message to send to children. I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. This was a cute book about a child getting ready for his party, inviting everyone he knew listing names from every letter of the alphabet filled with LOTS and LOTS of names throughout the book he says he doesn’t like Hooper but ohoper know ‘why’ he doesn’t like him, but in the end he does decide that he will invite him and they all will have fun.

Who would want to spread it to themselves?