Mar 19 2020

Hey guys anybody have the latest Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50?. Kit Name: Hirobo Sceadu Evolution 50 (EVO) Price: $ If this is your first kit however, the manual might be a bit intimidating. This is not a knock on Hirobo. 50 ARF model (only) has Evolution spec OS50SX-H engine. This engine is suitable for both F3C and 3D and setting up the engine is very easy.

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Keep an eye on it and replace it with a quality clunk line when needed.

Accepts 12mm root Main blades with 4mm bolt hole. Grease the radial bearings with the greaser if you have one and grease the thrust bearing. The needle valve was closed to 2 turns and the engine restarted, this time the engine picked up and the helicopter lifted into a very stable hover. If you find that the hub is true and the start shaft at the base is true, measure it near the end of the start shaft. When I was done the radius arm would fall under its own weight and the pin was a very tight fit in the mixing arm.

Don’t bother tightening down the front screws for the battery tray as you have to drop that to install the battery or receiver.

If your shaft run out is out of tolerance, loosen the clutch bolts and wiggle it around, try turning it hirobl. First check the run out of the fan hub to within 2 thousandths, then install the clutch and check the end of the start shaft right below the milled out spot for the set screw; again look for 2 thousandths or less run out.


Nothing special here, build the tail boom supports as shown in the book.

Mount the servo using the lower set of mannual and mount a ball 17mm out on the arm. The most important thing here is to mind the orientation of the thrust bearings, the bearing assemblies that bear the centrifugal or outward pulling force created by the spinning rotor blades.

Make sure you place the. The large T shaped arm for the aileron lever gets the two flanged bearings; the other bearings go in the remaining three arms. You may find it easiest to hold the tail case so that the lever collar is horizontal and carefully sit the washers over it and slip it into the tail case and start the two bolts so that the washers stay put.

If you are having trouble and the water starts to dry, dip the decal in the water again and start over. Steps 11 and 12 involve the main grip assembly. Cutting out the canopy is easy, just score the lines lightly with an x-acto knife several times; a sceasu blade will cut through after several passes. A third main-shaft bearing fitted below the manuzl gear further stiffened the frames and give better support to the main shaft for more precise gear mesh during hard aerobatics.

This is one area that it pays to check large egos at the flying field gate. Insert the metal main rotor hub into the plastic head block and make sure the bolt holes are aligned. However demand for the shuttle was such that the two higobo up running concurrently though the Sceadu was mostly bought in nirobo ’50’ size. If your radio supports different trim for each flight mode and the rudder trim is different between normal, where you initialize the gyro, and idle up, then the light will begin to double flash and you will get a drift in flight when you change flight modes.


Sceadu HPM Instruction Manual | Midland Helicopters Ltd

The Shuttle series uses the same skids. During the third flight, we leaned it a few more clicks and engaged the governor. Build the swash plate. If you try this step with a number 2 Phillips head screw driver, you are going to be in for some frustration.

Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Instruction Manual Page 68

Both worked perfectly so I restarted it and let it sit at a high idle for a minute or so then slowly advanced the throttle. It’s the ultimate user-friendly drone- The fastest, easiset and most economical wa Another tip for governor magnet installation is to drill a small hole from the dimple through the fan. Final fuel tank assembly.

The tank comes with special tank mounting rubber feet scesdu isolate it from motor vibrations. The very same problem occurred on the next flight. If you use the heat gun, keep it moving or you will burn the decals.

A 10mm hollow main shaft is included to handle the stresses of rotor head loads on the main frame.