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These are the options to access the full texts of the publication Clínica e Investigación en Arteriosclerosis (English Edition). Subscriber. Subscriber. If you already. X. Pintó, M.A. Vilaseca, I. Ferrer, C. Mainou, M. Palá, J.F. Meco, et al. Hyperhomocisteinemia as a risk factor for premature coronary artery disease. Relation with. Se estudió el papel de los factores sociodemográficos, de otras comorbilidades y del tipo de tratamiento en la conversión a demencia. Resultados Durante la.

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Hacen falta estudios longitudinales sobre el papel de la diabetes como factor de riesgo para demencia. Objetivo Determinar el riesgo de demencia en sujetos Mexicanos hiperhomocistwinemia diabetes mellitus tipo 2. El riesgo de desarrollar demencia en estos individuos fue el doble RR, 2.

Existe evidencia suficiente para declarar a la tuberculosis como enfermedad ocupacional en diversos profesionales especialmente entre los trabajadores de salud. Various factors that are not easily observed have a strong impact on educational change. In this paper, I examine some of the issues that emerged from the data collected while exploring my informants’ perceptions and attitudes towards their changing roles when confronted with curriculum innovation. This research demonstrates that the experience….

Como Lo Hago Yo: La legalidad del aborto aumenta la importancia de la consulta prenatal. Trato a la plaqueta como tejido viable.

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No suturo la plaqueta. Desanclar una sola vez. La mortalidad general y postoperatoria fue similar a la reportada en la literatura. Pocos enfermos realizaron controles posteriores al alta hospitalaria. Twelve teachers were interviewed regarding three linguistic principles: The data analysis led to the…. Introduccion, El proposito de la poda es tener plantas fuertes, sanas y atractivas.

Esta meta se puede alcanzar sabiendo comocuando y por que podar, y siguiendo unos cuantos principios muy sencillos. Due to its peculiar geographical and morphological characteristics, Lake Como Northern Italy represents an interesting study-case for investigating the sub-basin scale circulation of persistent organic pollutants POPs that, despite being banned since the s, have reached surprisingly high concentrations in some southern alpine hhiperhomocisteinemia as a consequence of their release from melting glaciers in recent years.

In particular, the Como Bay, which is located in the city of Comoseems noteworthy because its waters have a longer residence time than the other areas of the lake. Cartographic cultural heritage preserved in worldwide archives is often stored in the original paper version only, hiiperhomocisteinemia restricting both the chances of utilization and the range of possible users.

Aim of the project was to improve the visibility and hiperhomocistteinemia of this heritage using the latest free and open source tools for processing, cataloguing and web publishing the maps. The resulting architecture should therefore assist the State Archive of Como in managing its cartographic contents. After a pre-processing consisting of digitization and georeferencing steps, maps were provided with metadata, tratamienti according to the current Italian standards and managed through an ad hoc version of the GeoNetwork Opensource geocatalog software.

A dedicated MapFish-based webGIS client, with an optimized version also for mobile platforms, was built for maps publication and 2D navigation.

Thanks to a temporal slidebar, time was also included in the system producing a 4D Graphical User Interface. The overall architecture was totally built with free and open source software tratamiwnto allows a direct and intuitive consultation tratamiejto historical maps. Besides the notable advantage of keeping original paper maps intact, the system greatly simplifies the work of the State Archive of Como common users and together widens the same range of users thanks to the modernization of map consultation tools.

The study area is located at S.

hiperhomocisteinemia como factor: Topics by

This site played a strategic role since ancient times, providing the control on the communications routes to both the Como Lake and the Spluga and Septimer alpine passes.


Within an area of 45, m 2 an electrical survey has been carried out in conjunction with magnetic and GPR investigations. These studies have indicated the presence of a number of sub-areas characterized by significant anomalies defined by the overlapping of the results obtained from two or more geophysical methods. In two of such sub-areas, excavation tests have been conducted, which have brought to light a number of archaeological findings of interest.

In one of the two sub-areas, which is characterized by the superimposition of electrical and radar anomalies, a deposit of large pebbles has been found. The origin of this deposit has not been ascertained, whether it is of fluvial origin, related to the deviation of the Adda river in the Pian di Spagna region in Roman times, or it is part of reclamation works, still of Roman times, of paleolacustrine marshes.


The overlapping stratigraphy, however, suggests the development of fluvial channels between Roman and Low-Medieval times. In the other sub-area, excavations were carried out on sites defined by electrical and radar anomalies, and confirmed by the results from magnetic survey. The excavations brought to light, below the fluvial deposits, a large medieval edifice, which could be identified as the S.

Stefano church abandoned in The church is built on. Thermophysical properties of undercooled liquid Co-Mo alloys. The containerless state during levitation produces substantial undercoolings up to K 0. According to the Butler equation, the surface tensions of these three Co-Mo alloys were also calculated, and the results agree well with the experimental data.

The specific heats of these three alloys are determined to be Based on the determined surface tensions and specific heats, the changes in thermodynamics functions such as enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs free energy are predicted. Furthermore, the crystal nucleation, dendrite growth and Marangoni convection of undercooled Co-Mo alloys are investigated in the light of these measured thermophysical properties.

Morphological investigation of nanostructured CoMo catalysts. This work reports the morphological investigation of nanostructured sulfided CoMo catalysts by means of high-resolution transmission electron microscopy HRTEM.

Both TPR and XPS measurements indicate that the catalysts prepared by successive impregnation possess well-dispersed MoO 3 and CoO phases, whereas their counterparts prepared by simultaneous impregnation additionally possess the CoMoO 4 phase.

For all sulfided catalysts, the presence of MoS 2 phase with particle size in the range 3. Catalytic activity was evaluated in the reaction of hydrodesulfurization HDS of dibenzothiophene DBT carried out in a flow reactor at K and hydrogen pressure of 5.

P-incorporation into the HMS-Ti material led to an overall increase in HDS activity and the hydrogenation ability of the sulfided catalysts. All catalysts proved to be stable during 10 h time-on-stream TOS operation.

The activity of sulfide catalysts in the target reaction depends linearly on the surface exposure of Co species in the oxide precursors, as determined by XPS, and on the morphology of the sulfide form of catalysts surface density of MoS 2 particles and their sizes as determined by HRTEM.

Prevalence of previously undiagnosed abdominal aortic aneurysms in the area of Como: The prognosis for abdominal aortic aneurysm AAA rupture is poor. From September to November Como Cuore, a no-profit nongovernmental association, enrolled people aged Clinical data and a US imaging of the aorta were collected for each participant. AAA was found in 22 volunteers 1. Overall, the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors was higher in patients with vs.

The journal impact factor is a measure of the citability of articles published in that journal—the more citations generated, the more important that article is considered to be, and as a consequence the prestige of the journal is enhanced.

The impact factor is not without controversy, and it can be manipulated. It no longer dominates the choices of journals to search for information.


Online search engines, such as PubMed, can locate articles of interest in seconds hiperhpmocisteinemia journals regardless of high or low impact factors. Editors desiring to increase their influence will need to focus on a fast and friendly submission and review process, early online and speedy print publication, and encourage the rapid turnaround of high-quality peer reviews.

Authors desiring to have their results known to the world have never had it so good—the internet permits anyone with computer access to find the author’s work. Federal Register, A sup 57 Co Moessbauer emission spectrometric study of some supported CoMo hydrodesulfurization catalysts.

It appears that octahedral Co is easier to sulfide than tetrahedral Co, but a substantial fraction of the latter is also found to be capable of entering CoMoS upon sulfidation. A rationalization of this behavior is offered. Intrinsic factor is a protein that helps your intestines absorb vitamin B It is made by cells in the Intrinsic factor is a protein that helps your body absorb vitamin B Vitamin B12 is needed for red blood Factor XII Hageman factor deficiency.

Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. Gabapentina a dosis de vs. The first part of the book is a script based on the slides.

After the script is a guide to hosting a financial hiprrhomocisteinemia.

In HDS reactions under microwave irradiation, experiments indirectly pointed out that for pristine MoS 2 reaction rates are accelerated because hot spots are generated on the catalyst bed. In this work, we investigated NiMoS and CoMoS isolated single-sheet substituted catalysts before and after thiophene adsorption focusing on quantifying the effect of microwave irradiation. For that purpose, density functional theory DFT molecular charge densities of each system tratamiengo decomposed according to the distributed multipole analysis DMA of Stone.

Site dipole values of each system were directly associated tratamientto a larger or smaller interaction with the microwave field according to a proposed general approach.

The atomic origin of the catalyst hot spots induced by microwaves was clearly established in the promoted clusters. Effects of H sub 2 S addition on the performance of fresh vs. As the amount of vanadium on the CoMo hiperhkmocisteinemia increases, the catalytic effects of CoMo decline and the presence of vanadium starts to influence the hydroprocessing products.

Desulfurization, denitrogenation, deoxygenation, aromatics hydrogenation, and metals removal were monitored. This paper reports that, upon the addition of hydrogen sulfide to hydrogen, improvements in the catalysts for aromatics hydrogenation, denitrogenation and metals removal were observed. Trophic transfer of persistent organic pollutants through a pelagic food web: The case of Lake Como Northern Hiperhomovisteinemia. In the present research we specifically investigated the trophic transfer of these organochlorine contaminants OC through a pelagic hiperhomocisteinsmia web of a deep lake in Northern Italy Lake Como over time.

Zooplankton and fish were sampled each season of a year and OC concentrations and the carbon and trayamiento isotopic ratios were measured. By using stable isotopes, the direct trophic relationship between pelagic zooplankton and zooplanktivorous fish was confirmed for Alosa agone only in summer.

Based on this result, the biomagnification factor normalized on the trophic level BMF TL for organic contaminants was calculated. BMF TL values were within the range 0. Published by Elsevier B. The general objective is to develop and verify a computer code capable of modeling the major tfatamiento of pulverized coal combustion.

Achieving this objective will lead to design methods applicable to industrial and utility furnaces. The model consists of a number of relatively independent modules that represent the major processes involved in pulverized coal combustion: