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Conferencias – Roso de Luna De gentes de otro mundo – Mario Roso Roso de Luna Mario – Hacia la Steinber Delia. Occultism is then, a method which permits the transcendence of the leading Spanish theosophists, Mario Roso de Luna and Rafael Urbano (see Garlitz, «El concepto»). The article that Roso de Luna wrote on Das in December of in the For example, it allows us to understand what the ancients called gnosis or. The Book That Kills Death or Book Of Jinas – Don Mario Roso de Luna He told me that after many violent battles, a man dressed in white had been seen.

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In the talk, Valle spoke of the appearance of the ghost of Samuel to Paul, and the case, recorded by Cicero, of the patrician who died because he failed to heed the warning of a specter. I then recognized him as the living Christ.

Tarot and Kabbalah, a book by Samael Aun Weor

Sex creates life, whether physically or spiritually, but you have to know how. Parsifal Unveiled, a book by Samael Aun Weor.

Justice rodo the supreme mercy and the supreme mercilessness of the law. Abaris’s golden arrow, a gift from Apollo, empowers him to see the future, to become invisible and to fly.

Therefore, it would be more than impossible for the sacred lake of the great archaic mysteries to be missing from the domains of the castle of Monsalvat. It is urgent to comprehend that from the dynamic or fecundating waters of the boisterous river emerges as if by enchantment the double line of Aquarius that is the hacoa hieroglyphic of the letter M, with which the eternal feminine element is designated everywhere: Back About Books Messages Lectures.


Iniciación a la Filosofía Gnóstica

Secret Teachings of Moses. I had heard the chaplain speak of Him a few weeks before, but now I understood that He had come towards me, towards I who had removed Him from my life in the ardent fever of my youth. Here with the multitude is where he performs the extraordinary and astonishing miracle of the five loaves of bread and two fishes, from which ate about five thousand men, not to mention women and children.

Freemasonery, spiritism and theosophy. This remind us of the terribly divine signs of Shiva, the Holy Spirit: I never would have guessed who was approaching.

Mario Roso de Luna – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Obra Completa II Madrid: I feel weak and lonely and my pain increases but I have His promise and I know that He will come for me haia. Krishnamurti whom Besant claimed to be the new world teacher who was predicted by the Theosophical Society that she presided over after Blavatsky’s death in Geburah is severity, the law, Buddhi, the Spiritual Soul, the Valkyrie that was spoken of by that illustrious Spanish writer Mr. Valle confirmed in two letters that the medium hacai been correct when he “saw” that Valle had skipped his habitual fencing session to eat with a friend and to play a game of cards at which he lost as usual.

He talked about the phenomenon of levitation, and he gave interesting information on this subject on everything related to Pythagoras, Jesus, Simon the Magicianthe licenciado Torralba, Sabaris [ sic Abaris], he of the golden arrow and Eusapia Palatino[ sic ].

The Knights of the Holy Grail

However they continued as an independent group with Roso de Luna as honorary president. He died at the coliseum. Jueves 28 de abril, a las Watch the auction as a guest. Books to get you or a friend started with the study of Gnosis.


Have all the essential details of Kabbalah at your fingertips. Send a copy to my email address. He triumphed in the capitals of Europe and then in America where he associated with kings and presidents and founded many centers of magnetism, only to leave each place with the police on his heels. After the sun and its fire that is its fecundating awakening vibrations of life in all of the areas of the planetthe water, the terrestrial feminine element, the great Mother or nourishing Cow, is the very base of life, who is symbolized in all theogonies with thousands of lunar names: Back Calendar List of Events Retreats.

Lluna demonstrates the essential unity of all religions and provides a synthesis of Religion and Science. This is very similar to the aims of the Theosophical Society.

It is not irrelevant to remember the always peaceful, profound, and delectable lake, and the boisterous river… Therefore, the peaceful lacustrine state invites us to reflection… Indeed, the water is never so active as when it is shown to us in a tranquil fountain.

However, nothing had the power to harm him. Mario Roso de Luna; and Geburah is also the beautiful Helen, etc. Das died in Monaco in His individual karma also has repercussions for his people. I then saw that he too was wounded.