Mar 18 2020

William Gordon, Hamish Pringle, ” Zarządzanie marką. Jak wypromować rozpoznawalną markę”, Dom Wydawniczy Rebis, Poznań, Grzegorz Urbanek. Textbooks. ” W. Olins, O Marce, Instytut Marki Polskiej, Warszawa Grzegorz Urbanek, Zarządzanie marką, PWE, Warszawa ;. ” Al Ries, Laura Ries. Grzegorz Urbanek, Zarządzanie marką, PWE, Warszawa ;. ” Al Ries, Laura Ries, 22 niezmienne prawa zarządzania marką, Wyd. Prószyński i S-ka.

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ROE presentation for insurers along with gross written premiums using a tool of modified matrix of business profitability may be useful in analysis of the financial situation of insurance firms and competition in the insurance sector.

The main aim of this article is to answer the following questions: In the light of the still low fish consumption in Poland and in case of a further development of the market for sushi, the growing interest of consumers may contribute to improvement of the pattern of consumption by big cities inhabitants.

However, empirical studies which confirm this view are relatively few.

Warsaw School of Economics

Shibbolet Login User Login. In the second part of the article real financial time series are used to examine properties of estimates received using abovementioned methods. Inthere was a relative price increase against by over ten per cent.

One of the analysis is fundamental analysis. Apart from its academic aspects, this paper contributes to business practice development since it demonstrates the legitimacy of marketing investments in brand development. By using urbanrk services, you agree to our use of cookies. This process is widely referred as suburbanization, which can be understood as a process of moving the functional forms of the city outside the central city.

In order to determine the amount xarzadzanie type of astaxanthin dietary supplements available in the market, there were surveyed 70 Polish Internet pharmacies. Over the last decade one can observe in Poland the process in which part of the population living in large urban centers decides to change the place of residence and move to areas located in a short distance from the city.


The empirical data markx brand strength were drawn from the annual ranking of the strength of Polish brands, while the financial data of companies were taken from a panel consisting of 56 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, observed over a seven-year period from to The grounds of the management of credit risk is the credit policy of the bank. Credit risk is an indispensable factor for banks. This is especially true for investments in BiH because the statistics have confirmed that Serbia is a serious competitor in attracting foreign investments because of the potential available on its market.

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Multiple statistical tools were used to describe properties of empirical distributions of fractal dimension estimates, i.

The most important mechanism to reduce the individual risk is to examine the credit capacity of a potential borrower. Despite an increase in the number of astaxanthin dietary supplements in the Polish grzsgorz market, the awareness of young people of it still remains relatively low.

Now as regards the wallet risk, one most often diversifies the overall credit engagement of the bank. Cookies help us deliver our services.

System Licencji Wioślarskich PZTW – informacje o zawodnikach

Simple, Weighted, Exponential and two different strategies based on prices of 5- sessions andsessions. However, a very important thing after the Croatian entrance into the EU is that a primary role has our legislative and executive authorities. Enter your Username Email below. One of the zarxadzanie measures used to evaluate their financial status is return on equity ROEwhich in conjunction with gross written premiums allows to determine the market situation and competition among insurers.

Inthere were 13 supplements with astaxanthin in the market, inby six more 19 supplementswhile in already These are closing prices of shares quoted at Warsaw Stock Exchange. Giving a loan is dependent on the credit capacity of the borrowers, which is understood as the capacity to pay back the loan together with interest in due term.


The opinion that a strong brand is a valuable resource for a company which may significantly influence company performance and contribute to shareholder value creation grzegoz gaining wider acceptance. The article describes how the strategies based on Moving Averages can be used. One of the main factors associated with suburbanization is lower price of land comparing to core city.

The results show that Indykpol SA is characterised by a strong position and is operating in an attractive market. Calculations presented in this paper indicate the absence of the day-of-the-week effect and the existence of monthly effect: In addition, in zadzadzanie, there was examined the nutritional awareness of a selected group of young people aged years of astaxanthin. The obtained results support most of the hypotheses, concluding that there urbznek a zarzqdzanie significant relationship between brand strength and company performance, although the strength of these relationships differs depending on the type of performance indicator.

The article presents the issues connected with the floored options: It was shown that estimates received grzgorz division of area method are strongly different than others. My New User Account. This paper tests the hypothesis of monthly, daily, the day-of-the week, the first and the second half of monthly effects on the market of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice FCOJ futures, quoted in the period from The aim of the study was the analysis of the interrelationships occurring within the framework of the monetary transmission mechanism in the Polish economy in the years