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En una cohorte de pacientes consecutivos que fueron sometidos a pruebas de esfuerzo con o”Tl y a cateterismo cardíaco para la evaluación del dolor torácico. La FA es la arritmia cardíaca crónica más frecuente, siendo el tromboembolismo y el ictus isquémico en particular las complicaciones más importantes. En los. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘gammagrafía cardiaca’.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Diabetes mellitus en el paciente con enfermedad renal avanzada. Gamagama esquemas de hipoglicemiantes utilizados, tanto medicamentos orales como insulinas, deben ser cuidadosamente personalizados.

Urinary infection is one of the most common bacterial infections in childhood after respiratory infections. In some cases, it can cause renal scars that may lead to future complications like blood hypertension and chronic renal disease. The diagnostic imaging methods for children are aimed at identifying those patients at risk of developing renal scars or a permanent renal damage, and preventing the progression of pre-existing renal damage.

Clinical data from children diagnosed with urinary infection, who had been performed a renal DMSA scintigraphy, were retrospectively. Insuficiencia renal aguda relacionada con medicamentos en pacientes hospitalizados. La mitad de los episodios de IRA intrahospitalaria se relacionaron con medicamentos.

Insuficiencia renal aguda con necrosis tubular aguda secundaria a picadura masiva de abejas. However, there are clinical cagdiaco in which this syndrome gamzgrama run with an increase in plasma creatinine keeping normal the urea one. In this report we present gamagfama case of acute renal failure with normal plasma urea level secondary to an acute pyelonephritis in a single kidney patient.

Gamagrama Cardiaco En Espanol

The patient had an increased fractional excretion of urea which could explain the normal plasma urea levels found despite of his reduced glomerular filtration.

This increased urea excretion state was interpreted as a consequence of the nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and alteration of the intra- renal urea reciclying process that the acute pyelonephritis induced. Acute pyelonephritis in a single kidney patient can appear as a pattern of acute renal failure with normal plasma urea levels. Some topics dealing with surgical risk and pharmacology of the anesthetics are also approached.

Different points of view about the trends of the present specialized practice are included to be discussed.

Full Text Available Objetivos: Sarcoma de Kaposi en un adulto con trasplante gaamagrama Kaposi’s sarcoma in an adult with renal transplantation. The results of the additional tests, including the biopsy, confirmed that it cardaco a Kaposi’s sarcoma. He was discharged and continued his follow up through the out patient department. Different points of view to be discussed among the trends of the current specialized practice are also provided.

Se discuten las implicaciones de estos hallazgos. Full Text Cardizco Title: Drug adherence is an increasingly important phenomenon for health workers; it is worrying that the lack of adherence causes difficulty in the recovery of the sick person, decreases quality of life and increases costs of health services. To describe the pharmacological gamagramma of the person with chronic kidney disease on hemodialysis.

A descriptive study was cadriaco with a sample of adults undergoing hemodialysis, to whom were made a home visits, in which they applied the Morisky-Green test, test battle and counting was performed to calculate. Dicho hematoma se produjo por el sangrado de los AML.

Se constituyeron dos grupos: The aim of present research was to determine the risk factor associated with the acute renal failure ARF in a group of children with severe sepsis seen between January, and December, An analytical and observational study was conducted in a sample including patients.


There were two groups: Valutazione morfo-funzionale in pazienti ipertesi con stenosi dell’arteria renale.

cardlaco Renovascula hypertension is the most important and common cause of secondary hypertension. We studied 10 patients with arterial hypertension and different degrees of renal artery stenosis to assess the usefulness of dynamic radionuclide renography in evaluating renal perfusion and funcion, and to compare funcional radionuclide results to the morphological findings of renal angiography. Computer-assisted dynamic renal with 00m Tc diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid DTPA and I orthoiodohippurate OIHand renal artheriography were also employed in all patients.

In all patients, radionuclide results matched angiography findings in quality. In particular, 3 patients with hemodynamical insignificant renal artery stenosis exhibited normal perfusion and function at dynamic radionuclide renography. Seven patients had significant renal artery stenosis gamagramaa associated functional changes at dynamic radionuclide renography.

In conclusion, our results demonstrated dynamic radionuclide renography to be a valuable secondary to renal artery stenosis in hypertensive patients, providing complementary results to arteriography.

Anemia y fiebre en el postrasplante renal: Klotho y FGF23; gamaggrama cardiovasculares. Full Text Available Objetivo: La edad promedio fue de Rev Med Hered ; Las intervenciones costeadas incluyeron: En cuanto al costo de manejo anual de caso los resultados fueron: Quanto ao custo do manejo anual de caso os resultados foram: Growth speed in patients with chronic renal failure undergoing to renal transplantation between and in the Hospital Nacional de Ninos: The growth gamagrzma was investigated in children with chronic renal failure after renal transplantation, in the Hospital Nacional de Ninos during the study period January December Factors that have influenced are analyzed: Besides, on the growth rate and expected family size, to intervene or prevent them in future cases.

Also, the use gamagdama has given in the hospital to growth hormone, before and after gamagrqma transplantation is determined to eventually use parallel therapies to the transplantation.

An echocardiographic study is recommended to perform as part of the treatment of chronic renal failure to identify the existence of left ventricular gamatrama and heart failure, which may occur as a result of complications of the failure [Spanish] La velocidad del crecimiento fue investigada en ninos con insuficiencia renal cronica despues del transplante renalen el Hospital Nacional de Ninos durante el periodo de estudio enero diciembre Factores que han cadiaco son analizados: Ademas, sobre la velocidad de ganagrama y la talla familiar esperada, para intervenir en ellos o prevenirlos en casos futuros.

Tambien, el uso que se ha dado en el hospital a la hormona de crecimiento, tanto antes como despues del transplante renal es determinado para eventualmente utilizar gamagrana paralelas al transplante, fueron determinadas. Un estudio ecocardiografico es recomendado realizar como parte del tratamiento de la insuficiencia renal cronica para identificar la existencia de hipertrofia ventricular izquierda e insuficiencia cardiaca, que pueden ocurrir como consecuencia de las complicaciones de la insuficiencia.

Fueron significativas las variaciones con p Fifty gmaagrama medical histories with the anesthesiology protocols of 26 patients with chronic renal failure CRF and of 30 sound patients were reviewed.

Age, sex, body weight in kg, haemoglobine, systolic and diastolic arterial tensions, heart rate, postinduction complications, and thiopental sodium doses in mg x kg were the variables used in this study. The variance analysis was used. Full Text Gmaagrama Resumen: It has been proposed gamargama. Trece documentos fueron encontrados: Gakagrama look for the scientific literature in the last six years about the quality of life of pediatric patients. Se diagnosticaron 50 pacientes, y 38 reunieron criterios para incluirlos en el estudio.


Uremic polyneuropathy is the carriaco frequent neurological complication of the chronic renal failure but its prevalence, symptoms and neurophysiological patterns of expression in the pediatric population are not well known. This is the reason why 23 patients aged years with chronic renal failure at different stages and 23 supposedly healthy children were studied to look for clinical or subclinical peripheral neuropathy. General physical and neurological exams were made and sensory and motor conduction velocities were measured.

All the cardico groups. No se encontraron diferencias significativas entre grupos en ninguno de los cuestionarios ni en los tests realizados. Los 3 grupos mostraron valores inferiores que otras poblaciones sanas de referencia de la misma edad. Los pacientes llenaron tres registros Se caracteriza por la presencia de hiperuricemia, hiperfosfatemia, hipocalcemia e hiperkalemia, y predispone al desarrollo de insuficiencia renal aguda.

The tumor mor lysis syndrome TLS is a metabolic disorder resulting from a massive tumor breakdown. It is characterized by hyperuricemia, hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia and hyperkalemia and predisposes cqrdiaco acute renal failure.

TLS usually occurs after the initiation of cytotoxic therapy and is more frequent in the case of neoplasias with a high proliferative rate or that are highly chemo-sensitive. We report the case of gamagfama man with a recurrent kidney cancer who presented with a TLS and acute renal failure after initiation of sunitinib.

La recogida de datos fue realizada entre mayo y junio de Tiene poder discriminativo en la nacionalidad. El a Cronbach fue de 0, Full Text Available La nefropatia por polyoma virus NVBK esta siendo reconocida como causa importante de falla del injerto, usualmente confundido con rechazo agudo. Fue tratado como rechazo agudo. La carga viral de virus BK fue elevada en sangre y en orina. Rev Med Hered ; Cuatro pacientes fueron evaluados como de bajo peso.

Acute renal insufficiency appears in hours or in a few days and during its course there is a deterioration of patient nutritional status. The aim of present study was to characterize the nutritional status of children with this disease requiring renal replacement therapies.

A crossed-sectional and retrospective study was conducted including the patients. Carrdiaco estadios 3 y Full Text Available El proceso de voluntades anticipadas permite a los pacientes dar a conocer sus preferencias.

Quieren participar en la toma de cardiavo y expresar sus preferencias. The treatment of RAVF aims at preserving the most of the renal parenchyma and, concomitantly, eradicating the symptoms and hemodynamic effects caused by the RAVF. This is the case of a child whose maternal-fetus ultrasound US at twenty weeks pregnancy not detected alterations, but at the 23, 6 weeks it showed the presence of a right pelvic kidney.

Gamagrama Cardiaco En Espanol

At twenty two days the renal US showed a right kidney with a normal size and location as well as a moderate pelvic dilation and immediately beneath its lower pole a hydronephrosis big sac in correspondence with a crossed renal ectopia with severe hydronephrosis. His father had right vesiculorectal reflux disappeared spontaneously. Despite the prophylaxis with Cephalexin there was a urinary infection adequately treated with Cephtriaxone.

Ultrasonography and radioisotope researches demonstrated the presence of a congenital anomaly. In general, the different inclination and orientation of the longitudinal axes of both kidneys in the patients entail aid to high variability in the detection cardiaci the different types of defects which leads to a possible mistaken diagnostic.