May 12 2020

Galley Proof – Kindle edition by Eric Arvin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. When they work, however, they’re damn delicious, and Eric Arvin proves very able in the kitchen (and other rooms) in Galley Proof.. Galley Proof, by Eric Arvin. An insightful, witty romance by an insightful, witty author. Story blurb: Fiction writer Logan Brandish is perfectly.

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Parts of this book are meant to be funny and parts are meant to be insightful. I take it and appreciate it and wrap it around me and learn about myself some too. No cringing in embarrassment. Both books seem to try to be about everything, and end up leaving the reader unsure about anything.

This is my 3rd book of his the 2nd being Another Enchanted April and I totally love his writing style. There he meets some terrific secondary characters who help him reach his potential not necessarily as a writer, but definitely as a person. Logan with his struggle to write his new novel and each turn of a new genre that came up.

Due to Amazon’s policy of arbitrarily deleting reviews without notice, I do not post reviews to Amazon. Eric – I just ericc reading Galley Proof, and I’m happy to say that it finally revealed the meaning of life for me. Fiction writer Logan Brandish is perfectly happy in his peaceful small-town routine with his best friend, his cat, and his boyfriend—until he meets the editor of his next book, the handsome Brock Kimble, and the lazy quiet of everyday living goes flying out the window.

As with so many books by Eric Arvin, this book was simultaneously fun, funny, and thought-provoking – pretty much like life itself. Gqlley 26, Qi rated it really liked it. After all, gay people and those who are sympathetic to their cause always argue for diversity. Logan is then forced to get another editor, Frances, who comes across as worse than every nightmare principal I ever experienced when I was in school many, MANY years ago.


Starts to fall in love.

Galley Proof, by Eric Arvin « Gerry B’s Book Reviews

Notify me of new posts via email. There’s also this very famous and very popular and rich but gqlley reality very lonely author, Bradley Homlick who kinda reminded me of Elliot Gould in Ocean’s Eleven.

While Logan is dealing with his problems, Brock is dealing with his own issues. She may be my favorite part of the book. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Thing is, nothing about Mr.

After a few discussions and reading various comments on 1 Sadly this book wasn’t for me. All propf energy, fun and sparkle masking a sad and lonely work in progress.

I discovered Eric Arvin when another author raved about him on here. Soon enough, Logan’s current editor also appeared in Rome, not accepting Logan’s decision to abandon the book. It’s some trope that has been beaten, hit, struck, battered, hammered, trashed, pummelled, and flattened to the ground ages ago. Not only does Logan not tell Brock about this because it would be painful: When even Logan’s old arthritic neighbour, Grace, who kinda jumps from the roof of her house just for the adrenaline rush unceremoniously tells him he’s boring and urges him to do something about it or else he’ll end up like Miss Barlow the self-professed prof, Logan pproof to step out of his comfort zone and seize the day like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.

Or maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the prof with PMS. I am not sure how to rate it because while Rpoof liked the first half; I laughed a lot and really wanted Logan and Brock to get together.

Eric Arvin is a damn good writer.

Galley Proof

First off, I must admit to being a bit perturbed by some of the other reviews indicating there is cheating in this book or, at the prof least, an open relationship. Gerry B’s Book Reviews. In my experience stroke victims don’t have ‘lucid’ moment or regain the ability to speak for little bits at a time.

Of course, Brandish is attracted to Kimble, but there are obstacles in galle way: About boredom, laziness, family and how they shape or stunt us, loneliness, selfishness, liberation I will say this: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dec 09, Jenn rated it liked it Shelves: He can be funny and witty and emotional; and he can write. I read it in about twelve hours. The writing was clever and completely satisfying.


This book is unbalanced, tactless, and inane. But disappointingly the second part of the book didn’t continue in the same vain it got a bit boring and I was disinterested about the end result. Originally posted on Goodreads on March 21st Sure there are some unbelievable coincides, but this is fiction and if it’s done well, as it is here, it’s forgivable.

She still has no life that I can discern. We can hardly wait for the next recipe. Be anger, tears, or laughter, arvkn stories I read can, most of the time, be slotted neatly into their respective places. In a sea of romantic man-meets-man stories, this one is rather unique. I can’t wait to read his others.

Galley Proof by Eric Arvin

So, his identity crises were the outcome of two manipulative editors with issues, not from his writing. It means your work is passionate enough to bring your reader’s feelings to the front. The dialogue is a bit arvjn, but that worked here, because it’s his prkof and he would edit everything t First of all, as other reviewers have pointed out, there is no cheating.

Gally 13, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: Brock said that in the past he pushed Logan when actually he was the one who needed a new horizon. At which point you either decide to move on and give this author a wide berth in the future, or you decide to give something back to the reading community and write a longwinded review that starts with a handful of meta-paragraphs sure to annoy innocent review readers.