Mar 25 2020

Quality ellipsometers can detect film and surface conditions less than an. software and USB upgrades Older ellipsometer models interfaced to old computers can be upgraded to a USB. Ellipsometers give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of.

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Two independent parameters also place tighter constraints on models representing more complicated films. M ost users will not require ellipsometer recalibration.

They give refractive index results in near period regions, and measure the thickness of thicker films, and offer many of the advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometers without the complexity. This gives Stokes Ellipsometers the unique ability to instantly separate the polarized from the unpolarized components of the measuring beam thereby delivering a highly accurate measurement of film thickness and index based only on the totally polarized component of light.

Any two of the 14 variables can be selected for calculation in a 4-layer film stack. A fourth photodetector is substantially totally light absorptive and detects the remainder of the light.

Variable Angle Stokes Ellipsometer LS The LS with a manual hand positioning stage makes measurements of film thickness and film refractive index in milliseconds. Two, three and four layer films, with know bottom layers such as poly on oxide and oxide on poly on oxide can be measured for the thickness and refractive index of the top layer or for both thicknesses.

In addition, the waveplate mechanism on the polarizer arm, is eliminated resulting in a fast, precise, no moving parts ellipsometer.

Few measuring techniques are as direct or inherently as precise as ellipsometry. When measuring similar wafers, ellipsometfr, focus-free operation is the obvious benefit. Get precise real time measurements of early film growth on a bare substrate to sub-angstrom precision. The light beam, the state of polarization of which is to be determined, strikes, at oblique angles of incidence, three photodetector surfaces in succession, each of which is partially spectrally reflecting and each of which generates an electrical signal gawrtner to the fraction ellipsomteer the radiation it absorbs.


Although there are ways to boost the signal strength and capture more scattered light, dealing with depolarization is much more difficult and requires the determination of the complete state of polarization namely the measurement of the 4 stokes parameters S0s1s2s3.

The units’ simple robust design offers ease of use at lowcost. The 4×4 instrument matrix A must be nonsingular, which requires that the planes of incidence for the first three detector surfaces are all different.

At 70 degrees incidence, 15 X 52 micron sample areas can be measured. Capability to handle up to four-layer films where each layer can be either transparent or absorbing at the measured wavelength. The surface upon which the film is measured can ellipsometer a semiconductor, dielectric or metal.

Gaertner Scientific LSE-WS Stokes WaferSkan Ellipsometer

Helps with difficult to measure films and gives many of the advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometers without the complexity. Accurate, stable measurements using spectrally precise laser source. Please identify the cable connector on your ellipsometer when placing an order. LS can be equipped with the following laser options: LS can be equipped with the following laser options: Pedestal 8 inch table with provision for ellipsomete is freely positioned by hand.

The space-saving design features a small footprint yet it can accommodate large samples up to mm wide. In addition, ellipsometric measurements are insensitive to intensity fluctuations of the elliposmeter, temperature drifts of electronic components, and macroscopic roughness which can be a serious problem in reflectometry but not in ellipsometry, for which absolute intensity measurements are not required.


The aqua color lines are lines of constant film refractive index Nf1. Advanced StokesMeter determines the complete measuring beam polarization using no moving parts and no modulators, only 4 stationary silicon detectors so measurements are stable and exact. Manually adjusted tilt and table height using computer alignment screen.

Gaertner Scientific Corporation – Ellipsometers – Stokes Ellipsometer LSE

The LS model sets a new and even higher performance standard to meet today’s more demanding metrology applications. Precision Stepping Motors driven under user programmed computer control with manual pushbutton override. Built-in gaertnfr of rotation of incident arms in the sample plane means that incidence angles are easily set with no need for alignment prisms.

Simple, compact tabletop instrument – competitively priced. The 4×4 instrument matrix A must be nonsingular, which requires that the planes of incidence for the first three detector surfaces are all different.

These readings are then converted into film thickness gaertnr film refractive index by using tables, graphs, or personal computers. Results stored in a text data file are displayed in a 2D contour or 3D Image Map. The Ellipsometer measures by reflecting a polarized laser beam from the sample surface at one of eight available incident angles and determines the change in polarization caused by the sample virtually instantaneously.

For a given arrangement of four detectors, A can either be computed or determined by ellipsomster. Measurement time is less that one second per point including stage travel. Rough scattering samples common in the solar cell industry are difficult to measure accurately with most ellipsometers because of the loss of signal strength and depolarization of the measurement beam.