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Ashfaq Ahmad BOOKS CHANGAIZ KHAN KAY SUNEHRAY SHAHEEN ^ – چنگیز خان کے شاہین. By:ASHFAQ AHMAD NOVEL Price: RS GADARIA The afsana (short story) by Ashfaq Ahmad has a wonderful mix of fate, events and social interactions. A man sees himself elevated. The book Gadariya is a collection of some great short stories by Ashfaq Ahmad. In this book, the writer discussed some social, moral, and.

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In this way in a few days I knew that he lived in that small house with brown windows. Saad Riaz rated it it was amazing Dec 02, As he walked with a slight stoop he had his hands in his coat pockets and was in constant conversation with the boy.

This was used to contain goats. His works included novels, short stories and plays for television and radio. I said with irritation and started crying. Once when I and my elder brother were coming back from an unsuccessful attempt at catching fish from the pond situated outside our locality, we found sitting at the bridge of the canal this same man who had transferred his turban to his lap and whose white choti.

It was small house. These stories wrote at different times and later on published in single ahad shape with the name of Gadariya Pdf. He used to appear in a get together with his fans in PTV program Baittakh The Guest Room and Zaviya Gadarria Dimension where he gave swift but satisfying responses to each and every question posed by the youth audience.


Muhammad Hassan rated it really liked it May 28, Blog Statshits Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I did not have to wait long though. Another habit of his that I hated was his insistence gadwria me studying all the time; his notion of keeping physically fit was a long walk early in the morning.

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We called her Bibi but he always addressed her as Qurrat. High School in standard V, I found his son was my class mate. He was a mere shepherd by cast, his father an ordinary milkman, his entire clan gadari only identify itself with ignorance. Huma rated it it was amazing Mar 29, In this program, he gave the answers to the question by the youth.

Gadariya Urdu book by Ashfaq Ahmad PDF free – Urdu PDF Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. Every day in the evening, on my way back home from learning Quran from religious teacher I used to choose the long lane that had on both sides many houses.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This book is the collection of different short stories like Barkha, Ujaly Phool, Gadariya, Tinka and much more. Ashfaqq, in his later years of life, was greatly inclined towards Sufism. Next was an open space followed by the hut of the potter.

Jan 24, Masooma Batool rated it it was amazing. The servant, with a curious smile on his face, informed me that he was waiting in the hospital. He told me he will teach him so that I would stand first in the class. He started a program which was famous for his character Talqeen Shah. And that the boy who walked with him was his son.


Soon we both turned our faces and asfhaq each other.

He remained with the board until Near her was a girl using a pair of scissors cutting cloth material. Now that I could claim to be known to Dao Ji, I purposely chose to walk in the street at the times when he was expected to be walking also. Gadaeia Khan rated it it was amazing Ashfq 29, He also earned a special training diploma in radio broadcasting from New York University.

Gadariya Urdu book by Ashfaq Ahmad PDF free

The author of this book was an educationist, intellectual, dramatist, novelist, radio artist, and story writer. Occasionally he ahmsd give me a sum to solve with the promise of more idle talk after wards.

Sonia Ch rated it really liked it Aug 01, Learn how your comment data is processed. Later, he got a job in Radio Azad Kashmir, which was established on a truck that used to drive around in various parts of Kashmir.

Sumaira Atta rated it really liked it Jan 24, His head wrap was easily largest, his face very small, like that of a kitten.