Aug 24 2020

Written by Jim Cockrum, Audiobook narrated by Sean Pratt. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book free. Free Marketing has ratings and 20 reviews. Kevin said: Short Jim Cockrum provides a great amount of free marketing tips in this book. As a new author. Grow a successful business without letting your marketing budget tell you “No.” Jim Cockrum has proven that the most powerful marketing strategies are the.

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Six months after launch the book held a 5th place rank just behind some of the biggest names in the world of Marketing. Then it codkrum onto 3rd place for a long time…and now it remains among the best sellers to this day!

The background on this book: The final product is the best ideas from my nearly decade of success online.

Free Marketing

I can sniff out winning ideas like a bomb sniffing dog on caffeine. Click the book image or visit freemarketing. Want to see the reviews from readers? Ryan and Melane were the winners of a charity auction for a copy of the book signed by some of the great marketers that helped launch the book. It was my pleasure meeting them for lunch when they were in town…. Leave a comment below and someone will help you out.

“Free Marketing 101…” Just as relevant in 2014 as it ever was!

In our first week using the ideas in Free Marketing, we posted some astounding numbers for us, anyway. We set a record for monthly visits to our content site in only seven days and reached more than 6, people through social media and our email newsletter. Published daily posts at http: Emailed our first weekly newsletter to our contacts thanks to a gmail export.

Based on the last week, I have no doubt that this combination will produce outstanding results as we move forward. And of course, there are more ideas to go with that! You have been such a help with getting my business up and running. The silent team is the greatest resource. Thanks for spending the time to write it and make your years of hard work and success available to all of us.

Equally as exciting is knowing that the profit generated from the sale of this book is going to be used to help people who are very much in need of our support.

And i especially love FREE!!!!! Amidst all the overwhelming and frequently confusing advice on marketing—including a lot of stuff that does not work—comes an exciting new set of marketing information from an authority whom I KNOW I can trust. Thanks ever so much, Jim.

“Free Marketing …” Just as relevant in as it ever was!

How can I review your book without reading it first?? I just purchsed the above book and trust Jim above all the so-called experts selling on the internet. Thrilled to buy your book and get a free copy to give as a gift to a dear friend. Your products are always top notch and I know I can trust you to deliver incredible value once again. Sorry it was confusing. You probably can wind up getting it all at no cost though.


Best of all, these effective tips are free. This sounds like the perfect handy companion for online businesses. Looking forward to receiving my free copy!

I am happy you are writing a book! I ordered one for my best friend. She wants to get started doing business online — she vree seen my success. Although modest, I have seen growth and I am optimistic that it will keep growing! Of course, I will be keeping the autographed copy. Looking forward to using it to continue to build my business. Thanks for the free copy!!! You are an idea machine. If its free its for me. I have always enjoyed your newsletter and advice.

Looking forward to reading the book.

Jim, I just order a copy of your new book. I cannot wait to read it. Kudos for supporting a very special cause. Thank you for your all generosity surrounding what cckrum like a phenomenal book. I get many local business owners coming to me looking for advices to grow their businesses. This is going to be an awesome resource to share with them.

Free Marketing: Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business, Online and Off by Jim Cockrum

They do get advices but not really good ones and have to do trial and error to see what works. By the way this is my first order on amazon and luckily its yours. I always like your programs, they are very good. I ordered last week and got my copy yesterday. Thanks for all you do, Jim. As a successful serial entrepreneur who coaches others to success, I have always valued and appreciated your knowledge and training.

Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition, Jim! Enjoy your success, and thanks for spreading great wisdom to accomplish great work! As a successful serial entrepreneur who coaches others to be the same, I have always valued and appreciated the depth and timeliness of your training.

Congrats on your well-earned book launch, Jim, and many thanks for sharing your marketing wisdom with like-minded entrepreneurs looking to make great money and grow markefing causes!

I will ship books to the UK as long as this offer is open…as of now it is, but the blog post has the full details. Hi Jim Thanks for the reply about shipping the free book to the UK. It may arrive before the UK amazon gets it cocrum stock! Thanks Jim, have placed the order and sent the recipe to you, looking forward to receiving them both!! I hope you find great success with this book…and pass the other one to someone that needs it!


Just downloaded the digital version to my Kindle app.

Your information is always useful. I appreciate what you do. Leave a review and let me know what you think — I hope you get a ton of great ideas from it! Hey Jim, Just bougnt the book! But I am sure sending and sharing! Good luck and God Bless!!

I am understanding I will be mailed 2 books from Amazon the ones I purchased and one copy of the book signed sent by Jim for free, I hope this is the case…. I plan on giving the first two copies to my sons. If you fill out the form with a valid order number for a copy of the book or multiple copies you will be sent one autographed copy from us at no expense. I think this is going to be a great book. Well, I bought the book on BN.

I hope it proves to be true! I clicked on the Send me a free autographed copy link and filled in all the required fields. As I already subscribe to the online newsletter this was a bit confusing. Well, OK, I thought and pressed the button to confirm. Just click on this link to get your copy. Thanks for letting me know! I just bought this book at Amazon…I am looking forward to getting some new ideas for growning my online business empire!

Bought my book from Amazon, almost finished reading it. You will be glad you purchased this book!! Jim tried to follow the directions but never got a response in my email. I am looking forward to the BOOK!!! Just ordered from Amazon UK. Sad I have to wait until Oct 6th for it to iim released here! Thank you for generously offering this special autographed edition, Jim, it will be treasured for years especially after I have set my sons up with some of the ideas from the book. Your offer of an autographed version will ensure it takes pride of place on my library shelves.

I hope you make the overall best seller list. Just ordered 2 more copies. I just purchased your book on Amazon and am looking forward to reading it soon! I am a student of the PAC and have been thoroughly impressed by your knowledge and honesty.

Amazon Best Sellers Cockrun The book is shooting up the charts! We have a shot at having the best selling book on amazon!! Thanks for the support and feedback!