Jun 12 2020

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This has two effects. Were they stupid people?

What we can reasonably deduce is that the energy inflow from the environment is probably about twelve times the amount of power drawn from the electrical supply. Even though the people who have been denying that free-energy is possible and suppressing inventors and inventions for more than a hundred energh now, they do slip up on some things, possibly thinking that the general public are just not smart enough to see the facts.

A factor of 10 in a calculation makes a major difference. How much could he take?

Efficient magnetic transfer 6. There is no need for this worry. The Zach West booster. Find all posts by Gedfire. I have extracted his logarithmic nomogram from his book. The result could be like this: The Ultra-simple Device of Lorrie Matchett. Efficiency and COP are two different things. It would seem very strange if we could not do that any more.

I saw a patent on a permanent magnet motor that used a solution of colloidal neodynium magnet in the design. Because there is no alternative at present.


PJKbook : Patrick Kelly : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

To give you a general idea of typical power ratings, here is a list: IrC International Hazard Posts: Oceans have been crossed doing this.

If you think you can make a closed infi, then I would be delighted if you would tell me how. And if those batteries were used to operate electric motors turning propellers which drive the boat along.

What you believe is up to yourself and is none of my business. My suggestion is to correct your calculation formulas in dependence of Don Smith nomogram. Have i gotten this backwards, or did the motor benefit from the liquid magnet solution?

Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

Find all posts by Zardox. I know that is a Truth because till now there would be Energetic Revolution and many people would be free from Governements electricity bills. We take for granted, a computer which can do a million things in one second. Simple descriptions of Voltage, resistors, capacitors, current flow, multimeters, transistor circuits, sensor systems, relays, diodes, transistor testing circuits, Power Supply Units, AC, DC, rectification, the SCR, the triac, the opto-isolator, LEDs, chokes, transformers, the Schmitt Trigger, solenoids, RF detection, coil impedance, the diode bridge, multivibrators, inverters, truth tables, the chip, NAND gates, latches, bistables, gating, the chip, prototype construction, thethe Darlington pair, using a gate as an amplifier, the chip, the chip, op-amps and comparators, a simple, versatile, Schmitt inverter signal generator, the CDBC chip, the CDB with divide-by example, programming the PIC chip, capacitors, AC current in coils, resonance, constructing prototypes, test equipment and how to build it, and ‘the weird stuff’.


Free energy

How to get out of debt: Let me say it again and this time, emphasise the key words: Although not shown in the diagram above, there are normally additional pick-up coils mounted round the rotor and if they are connected briefly at the right moment, they generate extra current and when they are switched off, their resulting reversed magnetic field also boosts the rotor on it’s way, and that can raise the Coefficient Of Performance over Ce document au format PDF 1.

Also I learned a lot over past 2 years while trying to understand what are working principles over experiments done by various people over time including reproducing NMR effect by myself but my personal goal was not to go and consume another matter as fuel but use N.

The Bedini Pulsed Flywheel. I pjkboook 20 Moray’s device could produce output powers up to fifty kilowatts and it frwe no moving parts, just a simple aerial and an earth. The Ribero Buoyancy Patent.