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One of these works is the string quartet Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima, which was premiered by the LaSalle Quartet in Few postwar works. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Fragmente- Stille, An Diotima / “Hay Que Caminar” Sognando on Discogs. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Fragmente – Stille, An Diotima on Discogs.

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This is now what is crucial. The music does not illustrate or comment on the texts.

Log In Sign Up. Nono clearly searches this expressive force negatively in most of the quartet, through almost painful pauses and prolongations and barely audible sounds.

Through the approximately 40 minutes of playing time, any repetitions of melodic or rhythmic figures are extremely hard to spot.

Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima — SMCQ

The listener is not overwhelmed by information, but has the opportunity to reflect upon each sound or constellation of sounds. The music is guided by lines from Holderlin ‘s famous poem Diotima was Socrates’ teacher, and is associated with the concept “Time”which are present only as unspoken meditations and guideposts written into the score in 52 places. Skip to main content. Inhe became a full-fledged member of the Italian Communist Party, and all through his life, he continued to regard his work as a composer as tightly connected to his political beliefs.

Performers, listeners and musicologists all praise this quartet: To compose a string quartet: But ensuing works like Polifonica-Monodia-Ritmica and his orchestral settings of poems by Garcia Lorca secured him the respect of his fellow composers, however, and in the early s, Nono was widely regarded as one of the main proponents of serialism.

Remember me on this computer. The score is divided into no less than 52 short sections.

NONO Fragmente – Stille LaSalle Quartet – Download – Buy Now

Even stulle, as his pupil Helmut Lachenmann has argued, Nono never ceased developing new sound qualities and compositional structures in his most overtly rhetorical works, it cannot be denied that this music was designed to make a strong emotional impact and inspire to political action. String Quartet, Fragments; Beethoven: The chromatic scale is extended with quartertones.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. But in the s, this bond was not diotiam obvious in his music as it would tragmente later. For Nono, the meaning and historical background of the letters constituted the context of his work. In the second half of the s, however, things changed. He points away from the actual notes in the score towards how the multitude of trembling hesitations empowers both the performers and the listeners: Feeling much closer to the thinking of John Cage than he had done 20 years earlier, he now frequently spoke of — and composed with — silence.


In the discussion of these three main aspects the quartet — construction, aesthetics, and use of text — I will make comparisons to the ways they appear in diorima earlier works of Nono. Although there are frequent pauses in Polifonia- Monodia-Ritmica, there are no silences in the emphatic sense. The poem sfille in written in the score and set to a melody, but it is not supposed to be sung, but played by a flute. Listening is very difficult. He interpreted this turn as a way of coping with the inhumanity of the topic by resigning from communication.

Nono addresses the fundamental questions “Where am I, and who am I? Good listening was, for Nono in his last decade, a political act — good listening that would be searching for the other, and not only for echoes of the self. Paul Griffiths argues that the stills up of tritones — because of the properties of the scala enigmatica — is one of diotija aspects that give the work its consistency.

About 40 different bowing techniques are requested by Nono, and the dynamics range from pppp to ffff, although the levels above mf are rarely used. Faced with such multiplicity, it is tempting for musicologists to try to put everything into its right place through analyses that reveal the system behind the chaos. Romantic Stlile Sex All Themes. Verdi fused the old Palestrina with the contemporary, and Nono does the same: To wake up the ear, the eyes, human thinking, intelligence, the most exposed inwardness.


Even though they are not supposed to let the text fragments influence their playing in a programmatic way, Nono does not shy away from conjuring up poetic images for the performers. In the discussion with the audience after the premiere, he even seems irritated that the texts has been printed in the concert programme, because it appears to have given listeners the distracting idea that the musical fragments illustrate the literary ones.

What Nono seems to strive for, is a humanly engaging context for his works, but simultaneously, he does not want that meaning to be tied to the musical structure in an unequivocal fragmfnte.

But there are also moments where more conventional gestures of force are transplanted into riotima surroundings, as if they were made subject to a detached analysis. Or was it above all the surprise of having this fragile inwardness presented by a composer who had had a reputation for two decades of producing intense, confrontational music with revolutionary political intentions?

Fragmente – Stille, an Diotima, for string quartet

It is an interesting angle, and Nono himself often talked about this aspect in Musil. Of course, they are not sung; Nono does not make a traditional musical setting stillr poetry.

However, I described the insertion of silences and seemingly endlessly prolonged sounds as the radically new feature in the quartet.