May 03 2020

Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison is a book by the French philosopher Michel Foucault argues that prison did not become the principal form of punishment just because of the humanitarian concerns of reformists. He argues that the public spectacle of torture and execution was a theatrical forum, the. In Discipline and Punish Foucault argued that the human sciences and the history of . Foucault’s governing metaphor of the scaffold as spectacle or theater —. Foucault’s writings on power and control in social institutions have made him one of the modern era’s most influential thinkers. Here he argues that punishment.

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The Spectacle of the Scaffold by Michel Foucault. Discipline and Punish consistently proposes an explanation in terms of power-sometimes in the absence of any supporting evidence-where other historians would see a need for other factors and considerations to be brought into account. Such barbaric scenes, rather than inspiring fear, create contempt and resentment. The emergence of prison as the form of punishment for every crime grew out of the development of discipline in the 18th and 19th centuries, according to Foucault.

The Spectacle of the Scaffold

Moreover, it operates according to principles that ensure that it “cannot fail to produce delinquents. Open to the public Book English Monash University. Although such incidents seem bleak, they also have the potential to overturn the very power relations which they express. Modern institutions required foucau,t bodies must be individuated ofucault to their tasks, as well as for training, observation, and control.

I used to dread spwctacle kind of post-modernist who would wander up and assert that the sewers were actually a discourse of the rich used to discipline the bodily nature of the poor. In What is an Author? Luke Underwood-Hughes rated it it was ok Sep 30, Notify me of new posts via email. When the sovereign power is unable or unwilling to maintain discipline in the population through schools, it regresses to the regime of violence and torture.

It is also a means spectacls which these relationships maintain themselves. The Birth of the Prison. Prison is one part of a vast network, including schools, military institutions, hospitals, and factories, which build a panoptic society for its members. City of Boroondara Library Service. When Foucault discusses the function of public torture he makes a similar observation: It is crucial that this is not blamed on individual officers while absolving the institution of the police department on the whole.


Foucault is best known for tye critical studies of social institutions, most notably psychiatry, medicine, the human sciences and the prison sys Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, social theorist and historian of ideas. It is essential that the public understands the police have such methods at their disposal in order for them to function. Oliver rated it liked it Sspectacle 26, The call for body cams on all police officers, a reform demanded by many activists, is an extension of this trend.

Once again, this was shown by what happens to the body of the criminal. The Great Ideas The full He believes that the question of the nature of these changes is best asked by assuming that they weren’t used to create a more humanitarian penal system, nor to more exactly punish or rehabilitate, but as part of a continuing trajectory of subjection.

The Spectacle of the Scaffold by Michel Foucault

These online bookshops told us they have this item: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Video footage exists of him being drug into the back of a police van with broken legs while crying out in pain. Be the first to add this to a list.

Zula Metakinesis rated it liked it Jul 23, I didn’t find the writing very clear, and I wasn’t even hungover for some of the parts that I read. The prisons at NeufchatelMettrayand Mettray Netherlands [ clarification needed ] were perfect examples for Foucault, because they, even in their original state, began to show the traits Foucault was searching for. They have transformed the way we see ourselves – and each other.

One has only to point out so many precautions to realize that capital punishment remains fundamentally, even today, a spectacle that must actually be forbidden Foucault 15 The Rodney King beating is among the most famous amateur videos ever recorded, existing in the same category as the Zapruder film. Here he argues that punishment has gone from being mere spectacle to becoming an instrument of systematic domination over individuals in society – not just of our bodies, but Rodney King was only the beginning.


Every citizen lives with the knowledge that such methods of violent coercion can be applied to him or her if a certain threshold of disobedience is breached. Professor Foucault died in When it was, the nation witnessed McDonald being shot in the back 16 times as he walked away from the police. Lists with This Book. It is only now, when plausible deniability can no longer be maintained that it has become unacceptable.

Journal of Management and Governance, 13 3 But I’m not sure what Foucault’s point s?

In the days pre-reform, he argues that the body becomes the medium for expressing the nature of the crime scafold of the resulting punishment. When the verdict came down and the officers involved got off scot-free, the ensuing riot lasted six days, caused more than 50 deaths, set thousands of fires, and did millions of dollars in property damage. In these executions, which ought to show only the terrorizing power of the prince, there was a whole aspect of the carnival, in which rules were inverted, authority mocked: Therefore, he argues, discipline created a whole new form of individuality for bodies, which enabled them to perform their duty within the new forms of economic, political, and military organizations emerging in the modern age and continuing to today.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Witnessing the sheer brutality of these methods fundamentally alters the understanding citizens have of their relationship to the sovereign. Conor Mcdonald rated it liked it Sep 17, There is more to ripping out chunks of flesh with red-hot pincers than simple cruelty.

Maybe I’m too dumb to get it, or maybe there isn’t much to get. Translated from the French. Foucault’s project was particularly influenced by Nietzsche, his “genealogy of knowledge” being a direct allusion to Nietzsche’s “genealogy of morality”.