Mar 24 2020

FINACLE All Menus (Finacle ONS User Menu Inquiry Menus (HBKTI) Branch Table Inquiry (HBRTI) Hot Items Inquiry (HHII) Limit. Finacle Commands User Guide PDF Download. Greetings Menu ForCorporate Banking .. MOPTI, Menu Option Translation Interface. To help bankers to easily find financle commands here is the list of Finacle Commands (Finacale Menu Options). You can download the pdf.

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Balance details of an Account. Outward Clearing Instruments Inquiry. Customer Unutilised Limit Inquiry. August 22, at 5: Standing Instructions Register Printing.

PRR25 Report of rejected cheques. Statement of Daily Cash Position. Call over Report for office Accounts.

selective Finacle menu options / Finacle commands for your ready reference ~ Latest Bank Update

June 17, at Customer Account Ledger Print. Ashish Singh 16 May at April 5, at 9: Govt to infuse Rs 28, cr in 7 PSBs soon. Term Deposits of Customer.


Delivery Channel transaction details. Interest calculator for deposits. Interest Table Finaclle Inquiry. Foreign Bills History Inquiry. Limit Node Details Inquiry. March 17, at 2: Statement of Service Tax. Forward Contract Liability Register. As of writing this article, the current version is 7. Register Table Balance Inquiry. Interest Rate Details Inquiry. SIs Executed Today Report.

Is there any menu option in union bank of india as available in Pnb – pnbrpt and in BOB bobrpt. Office Account Ledgers Print. Portfolio details of Customer. February 22, at 8: Collateral Entity Linkage Inquiry. Overdraft Accounts of Customer. Specific DD Paid Inquiry.

Sweep details of Customer. Kindly you have to provided me a Finacle manual guide.

Account Interest Details Inquiry. Ratewise Distribution of Deposits.


Loans Repayment Schedule Report. Pending Deposits Receipt Print. Cash Credit of Customer. Components of Account Balance Inquiry. Call over Report for Loan Accounts. Deposits Receipt Print [Duplicate].