Aug 16 2020

ETERNUS LT60 S2. The ETERNUS LT60 S2 addresses customers with high capacity requirements. It combines exceptional storage density and up to TB of. Fujitsu’s ETERNUS LT20 S2/ LT40 S2/ LT60 S2 tape libraries are available with LTO Ultrium 6 tape drives as of today. The new LTO-6 tape technology helps to. (LT40S2JNXU). ETERNUS LT60 S2. (LT60S2JNXU). Tape Library. User’s Guide. -Monitoring Software Setup Procedure-. P3AMENZ0.

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Business and Technology Solutions. The Future of Tape. A high-availability data center with all basic services are provided, operated, and monitored for Deutsche Leasing AG at two separate sites. Data CenterStorage Solutions.


The SE platform enables the State Tax Office in Koblenz to provide the tax administration resources for its own state and for its partner authority in Saarland. Linck was previously backing up all of its data to tapes. However, this teernus was becoming outdated and took up far too much time.


TAP was reliant on an aging virtual tape library to handle its lt660 daily backup protocols, however, as the volume of data grew, the system began to struggle. With data protection, compliance and disaster recovery in mind, the company needed to find a more robust and scalable solution.

LTO-6 tape drives are now available for ETERNUS LT20 S2/ LT40 S2/ LT60 S2 tape libraries.

Server High-AvailaibilityStorage Solutions. Skip to main content. Activities Corporate Responsibility Environment Technology. Keyboard shortcuts for the player: The pay-as-you-grow concept provides high investment protection.

The Future of Tape White paper: Country Selector Global Change. Ensures user-friendly and eternua backup and archiving Minimizes administration efforts while saving time and money SAS interface allows flexible storage architecture at relatively low cost High data throughput reduces dramatically the backup time. Broad Scalability and Flexibility Upgradeability from 24 to 36 or 48 slots via software license Partitioning via license key.

Easy upgrade to the needed storage capacity provides high investment protection Makes it easier to separate different LTO generations, avoids undesired incompatible media loads Build up to four independent libraries out of one system.


Easy Management Remote management utility and user friendly operator panel Mail slot Barcode reader.


Automatism help to decrease the error rate of backup processes Easy administration enables configuration and diagnostic Quick input and output of up to three cartridges Short initialization time thanks to slot barcodes, also with unoccupied data slots. Minimizes performance impact for encryption Guarantees high data security Fulfills compliance regulations. Available in major business areas: