Mar 23 2020

Epurbloc/VEnto P6 Eco Septic Tank super low profile septic tank. Anaerobic pre-treatment – 8 steps in the Epurbloc® septic tank. System 1 of PE = Epurbloc® + FD + CHAS + Compact • System 2 of . EPURBLOC® or settling tank “Performance” 3 stamped CE with detachable EPURBLOC® rectangular or cylindrical .. Ribbed rectangular Epurbloc®

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M deflector on the lower half and air vents on the top half, allowing decompression and venting of gas 3. The non-execution is the responsibility of the installer, 3. Removal of floating material, followed by the sludge, must be carried out in a manner to not disturb the settlement phases hat, liquid and bed of sludge and at the same time, remove as little of the liquid phase as is possible It would be preferable for the waste hauler to be equipped with a system to reduce the extracted matter and to store the floating matter separately from the sludge to maximize its use II.

All planting is to be avoided within 3 meters of the purification system III. Each installation case should be studied in depth by a specialist competent in the domain of independent sewage and wastewater disposal. Immediate localization of the installation and total accessibility for servicing and maintenance, conforming to current regulatory needs.

Sotralentz EPURBLOC 3000 sewage set with drainage area

In the case where a fault is identified by our technical staff, or chambers which are incomplete, In the case where a fault is identified by our technical staff, we will replace defective parts which must be returned to us or missing parts to be detailed as missing on the delivery note and by registered post to the delivery firm within 72 hours, 3 working days including Saturdaysbut will not be held accountable for any other associated costs. Screw the threaded riser to the device.


Non-execution results in damages to the client, 4. Saturation or clogging or non- liquefaction of solid matter or clogging epurblod pipes bringing household wastewater 1. At the extremity of infiltration beds of epurnloc vertical sand filters, 4. Waterproof collar for drained filter FD Access to tank bottom for cleaning is strictly forbidden because it contains lethal fermentation fumes methane, sulphurous anhydride …. The inspection caps should be left clear epurblkc visible for maintenance.

The Epurblc Septic Tank L The Epurbloc septic tank or as it is known in the UK as the super low profile septic tank is a unique type eprbloc tank thanks to its construction and functionality here are some of its main features: All additional building works, be they in weak-mix concrete, stabilized sand, or in concrete blocks, be they retaining walls or load bearing slabs, in the cases described below, they must be designed on a case-by-case basis in liaison with the builder.

Epurbloc/Vento P6 Super Low Profile Septic Tank – 3,000L

Cistern D on the m erformehrs1. It can be cut to adapt the chamber perfectly to the terrain It is designed to eliminate all risk of puncturing, deformation or collapse of the chambers Side backfilling with sand free from any pointy or cutting object and taking into account settling of the ground, Epurblo plantations above and at least 3 meters from the purification system are forbidden III.

The area must be adequately aired top and bottom to allow influx of fresh air epurnloc connect directly to the outside, to allow for emptying whilst maintaining a constant level of Principal and Secondary Treatment Units.

Public spaces, cafes, car parks, public W. Certain specific cases need more care during installation, these include: Illustrations 3D and diagrams: Anti-puncture geotextile option sold separately Watertight collar for drained filter FD Outlet 300 of pre-treated wastewater 2 elbow joints 45o diam.


User Manual – sotralentz HABITAT |

Unit installed to ground level, access caps accessible and apparent, as current epurblox laws demand Connection of pipe work inlet IN and outlet OUT and of the Higher ventilation VH done only after backfilling is complete. For backfilling around all cisterns SP-SZ use stabilized sand: In all cases of upkeep and maintenance, there is the need to refer back to maintenance recommendations of the manufacturer.

In the case of difficult soils for example, impermeable, clays, etc. Improved performance of aerobic treatment and increased life span of 30000 systems.

If necessary, connect the constituent cisterns of the system. By continuing to browse the site, You are agree to use cookies. The connection of channelling should only be done eepurbloc lateral backfilling has been completed.

The SP units cannot be strapped down.

This oxidation is possible thanks to: Installation above ground, fix metallic bands in the housing destined for the pre-filter, designed to increase resistance of the cistern to the combined effect of water and filtrate material pressures l: Some septic tanks are equipped with a slot for the ventilation placed in the outlet downstream.

Outlet of infiltration bed of a vertical flow, non-drained sand filter, in reconstituted soil. At the extremity of infiltration trenches of shallow or deep drainfields, or of drained or non-drained mounds 2. Rainwater should never be directed through an independent wastewater disposal system but stored in a recuperation cistern see doc.

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