Oct 17 2020

The Elysian Drop Troops are Imperial Guard Regiments known for their rapid deployment capabilities, often deploying by rappelling or grav-chutes from Valkyrie. Photos of my Elysians from D Elysian Drop Troops D Collection by Joel Davies. Photos of my Elysians from D Board owner. Follow. Joel Davies. Hi guys, well ive finally finished my D99 elysian drop troop command squad. One of the guys has a melta gun, i decided to have a try at the olde.

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Each company will be composed of five platoonsfour infantry and one heavy weapons. While it is not unheard of for Elysian Drop Troop regiments to be supported by armoured and mechanised companies raised from their homeworld, [10d] typical combat doctrine foregoes the luxury of heavy vehicles and dictates the usage of fast-moving and lightweight assets. While outperforming every type of Guardsmen including StormtroopersD are still squishy though, always be careful about that.

The grav-chute only activates at a set altitude and while it slows their final descent the trooper will still hit the ground fairly hard, requiring much training to learn how to roll with the impact and avoid injury.

However not all regiments will be able to equip each company with their own aircraft. As a result of this, Imperial Guard regiments raised from E99 are regarded as somewhat unorthodox.

Transport options are only Valkyries.

SCIFI WARGAMERS: Showcase: Elysian D99 Drop Sentinel

Cyclops Demolition Vehicles are also small enough to be transported within a Valkyrie’s hold, as are Sentry Guns.

Elysian Drop Troops elysiab rapid deployment tactics to throw troops straight into or more often, behind enemy lines. Despite their elyslan method of warfare Elysian Drop Troop regiments largely follow the organization elywian as laid down in the Tactica Imperialis. You dont get out much do you mate IMG: A white stripe is used for sergeants, yellow for lieutenants, and a yellow stripe trimmed with red for higher-ranked x99.


Elysian Drop Troops are provided with high-quality armour and weapons and are extremely well-trained due to the difficulty required in mastering the tactics of airborne assault using Grav-Chutes and Valkyrie Airborne Assault Aircraft. They are used to monitor enemy movements and positions, as well as providing targeting data to ground forces and air crews. Elysian Drop Troops Drop Sentinel. The only vehicles that the Elysian Drop Troops can make use of because they are light enough to be dropped into combat by a Grav-Chute are Sentinel walkers and Tauros Rapid Assault Vehicles.

Elysian Drop Troops – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Each Elysian must spend a single tour of duty within the forces guarding Elysia itself before they will be considered for service within elyzian Imperial Guard. Contents [ show ]. Hilariously enough, despite being the most competent guardsmen around, in pretty much all canon conflicts they take part in they get dicked over for one reason or another, though it’s always due to incompetent command, betrayal of some allies or the fuck-ups of other regiments.

The inquistor and D99 have all their support cut off and their elysina leaves.


Some platoons will also include special weapons squadsequipped with special weapons and demo charges, while others will also be composed of hardened veterans who have been battle-tested by the rigours of war.

This page was last modified on 25 Novemberat For it had been a week or more since last a ‘chute had failed.

Blood on the Thrusters Sing along the tune of Blood on the Risers. This was confirmed in April with the remaining available Elysians moved to the “last chance to buy” section.

There are no infantry platoons the troops choices are all hardened veterans. The Elysian Drop Troops are Imperial Guard Regiments known for their rapid deployment capabilities, often deploying by rappelling or grav-chutes from Valkyrie Airborne Troop Carriers at high altitudes. Many regiments also equip their troopers with assault shotguns for close-range firepower.


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Luckily, being a part of the Ordo Xenos gives you access to some fun toys that some units can take for everyone:. In smaller engagements such as direct elydian of a fixed target, the Elysians are capable of carrying out rapid assaults and maintaining their combat cohesiveness for several weeks without effective resupply.

Ballarat, Vic Member No.: Drop Troop regiments cannot be supported by anything much heavier than those light vehicles, denying them the support of the mighty Leman Russ main battle tank or even the humble Chimera APC.

Elysian Drop Troops

The back of the helmet is also used to help identify officers using a system of coloured stripes. Dec 10 Huh, elsian gotta be better than being declared contaminated and then “purified”. Surrounded by untamed worlds, barren moons, and a variety of gas clouds and asteroid fields, the region is a haven for pirates and renegades, who must constantly be kept in check to prevent lawlessness from overrunning the system. They have perfected the elhsian of airborne operations, utilizing sophisticated aircraft such as the Valkyrie airborne assault carrier and grav-chutes to strike deep behind enemy lines.

Elysian Drop Troops wear the PT jump suit, a reinforced coverall made of rugged synthi-canvas. While the D can handle pretty much every role, the allies are better for getting them Heavy Armour if you still really want that.

Imperial Guard regiments raised from Elysia are regarded as somewhat unorthodox. Other equipment built into the helmet include a tinted flash suppression visor, short-range communications receiver, [1b] [2a] and data display screens used in relaying data intelligence during descent and combat.