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Elizabethtown (Screenplay) by Cameron Crowe; 1 edition; First published in Cameron Crowe Screenplays, Cameron Crowe, Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, Say Anything. SHARES . Elizabethtown (). Elizabethtown has 43 ratings and 3 reviews. XxXviciously said: its The screenplay to the latest film from the Oscar-winning writer/ director of Jerry Maguire and.

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It’s unpretentious and sometimes almost slice of life in its reality. But if you look closely, every line and every action means something. It’s a Cameron Crowe movie.

Elizabethtown by Cameron Crowe | Emanuel Levy

I’ve never worked with a director who’s been so involved in my performance. The tone he sets is a very safe atmosphere and everybody is supportive. Claire and a host of family members, who combine in unique ways to teach him what’s it’s like to be truly alive. The rich mix of comedy and drama makes it a movie experience not quite like any other and one uniquely that of a Cameron Crowe film. All of Crowe’s screenplays possess a personal connection to the filmmaker.

It’s a funny thing, but from the very beginning, I’d always resisted writing very personally about my own life and family. Even the books I loved growing up were rarely first-person stories. I wrote it in first person. It was instantly a breakthrough for me.

Elizabethtown: The Screenplay– book review

People responded resoundingly immediately, wrote me letters. Friends and editors said, It felt like you were writing about my life too. And it’s happened consistently ever since.


The more personal the story, the more it seemed to matter to people. I was on the road touring elizabethtoqn my wife, Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heartand I found myself on a bus tour traveling through Kentucky and was struck by the intense beauty of the landscape.

Elizavethtown was all the inspiration I needed. I dropped off the heart tour, got a rental car, got lost in Kentucky, and wrote the whole story for the script in a burst. I always liked the idea of telling a story populated with failure and fiasco, but in the middle of it is a person who exists only for love. I often write about these characters because they’re heroes to me.

They breathe in failure and spit it back out and move on. They believe in carrying on with life and honoring positivity. Besides, the other option is a lot darker and usually not as much fun. The movie ended up almost exactly the way I imagined it when it first arrived as an idea.

My goal laughter was to make the type of film that my father liked best, one that could achieve genuine emotion but always with humor close to at hand. A movie that could blend tears and laughter was his favorite combo.

He and my mom actually had a name for that very special mix, they called it ‘Bread and Chocolate,’ after a foreign film they’d fallen in love with.



Later, as a director, it became one of my favorite mixes too, a movie that introduced you to characters who felt real, who took you into their lives and when that movie was over, you missed those people you’d met two hours earlier.

Drew has the heart of Jack Lemmon and, on a good day, the elegance and style of a young Cary Grant. But most importantly, he has what the great actors have: For the role of Claire, I knew I would need a radiant presence capable of becoming the soul of the movie, a character that is pure and simply a messenger of love. As production began, I was pleased to find that my instincts regarding Dunst were accurate.

She’s finely tuned and amazingly instinctive. Each new scene took me to new levels of appreciation for her attitude and technique.

It was a blast working with Dunst. There’s nothing wasted in her acting.

Cameron Crowe Screenplays (Download)

It often starts with music when I write a script. I have a notebook I keep that’s packed with songs that I want to be a part of the movie I’m working on. At a certain point, the notebook of songs becomes twice as big as the script.

I’ll have 50 songs for one scene.