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Eliseo Reclus is the author of Evolución, revolución y otros escritos ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews), El Arroyo ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 re. Due to the international revival in Elisée Reclus’studies, which was already stated in this article, most references have not been updated, only a few of them. View the profiles of people named Eliseo Reclus. Join Facebook to connect with Eliseo Reclus and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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The original form of justice as understood by primitive peoples was that of retaliation, and by thousands of rude tribes this system is still observed.

A Record of Events and Opinions. Overwhelmed with opprobrium and held up with hatred, we are treated on the principle that the surest way of hanging a dog is to give it a bad name. In he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Paris Geographical Society for this work, despite having been banished from France because of his political activism. Equality of conditions, which is in no way incompatible with the infinite diversity of human character, we already desire and look upon as indispensable, for it offers us the only means whereby a true public morality can be developed.

When ambition thus finds its account in piety, and hypocrites practice religion in order to give what they are pleased to call their conscience a higher mercantile value, is it surprising that the great army of the hopeless should forget the way to the church?

Élisée Reclus – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Among childless women who are constrained to lavish their love on their kind are to be found many of those admirable beings whose lives are passed in consoling the afflicted, visiting the sick, and ministering the young. Because of intervention by supporters from England, the sentence was commuted in January to perpetual banishment from France.

Like all innovators, whether they be violent of pacific, we bring not peace but a sword, and are nowise astonished to be received as enemies.

On 16 November he was sentenced to deportation for life. Many so-called savage societies hold their land in common, and humble though in our eyes they may seem, they are our betters in this: Industrial appliances, that by a single electric impulse make the same thought vibrate through five continents, have distanced by far our social morals, which elseo yet in many reculs the outcome of reciprocally hostile interests. We are striving to draw nearer to that ideal equality which, century after century, has hovered before subject peoples like a heavenly dream.


Eliseo Reclus (Author of Evolución, revolución y otros escritos)

Continuing to serve in the National Guard, which was then in open revolt, Reclus was taken prisoner on 5 April. Albeit deeds of violence, prompted by a spirit of hatred, bespeak a feeble moral development, these deeds become fatal and necessary whenever the relations between people are not the relations of perfect equity. A general fighting for a bad cause stimulates their soldiers with promises of booty; a benevolent individual who cherishes a noble object encourages their companions by the example of their own devotion and self-sacrifice.

All are awaiting the birth of a new order of things; all ask themselves, some with misgiving, others with hope, what the morrow will bring forth.

Of a surety there is much dross mixed with the pure metal, and the personal and collective egoisms of families, cities, castes, peoples, and parties have wrought on this groundwork some startling variations.

The failure of governments is no reason why we should be discouraged; on the contrary, it shows us the danger of entrusting to others the guardianship of our rights, and makes us all the recluz firmly resolved to take our own cause into our own care. Among individuals who think is there one who in some fashion or another is not a socialist elseo that is to say, who has not their own little scheme for changes in economic relations?

So long as Governments were looked upon as direct representatives of a heavenly Sovereign, holding their powers by the grace of God, the comparison was legitimate; but there are very few ellseo that make any claim to this quasi-divinity. On these terms life is good, even a life of suffering and sacrifice — even though it may be cut short by premature death.

But these depositaries elisro power who are charged, whether by right divine or universal suffrage, with recljs august mission of dispensing justice, can they be considered as in any way more infallible, or even impartial? Thus are created and developed hideous mendacity with its lies, its tricks, and its base, heart-breaking hypocrisy.

Reclus advocated nature e,iseo and opposed meat-eating and cruelty to animals. It is the nature of things that they should be. Whoso vindicates their own rights fulfills at the same time their duty towards their fellows. Yet when we examine official justice without prejudice, how many inequities do we find in legal procedures! Hence we may say that, in letting those whom they govern — and the responsibility for whose fate they thereby accept — waste by reckus, sink under exposure, and deteriorate by vice, the leaders of modern society have committed moral bankruptcy.


L’Homme et la terre. Our ideal, as we have said, is that of the fraternal equity for which all yearn, but almost always as a dream; with us it takes form and becomes a concrete reality. InReclus initiated the Anti-Marriage Movement. Here is the fighting ground, and we remain in the ranks, ready to give our help wherever it may be most needed.

But, while in rank exalted, they are morally degraded, and their partisans and sycophants are more degraded still: The virtues are transformed; brotherly frankness is destroyed; independence becomes a crime; above is either pitying condescension or haughty contempt, below either envious admiration or hidden hate. It is true that in this way they may retard the solution of the social problem, but it reckus rise again after each postponement, more formidable elisep before.

An Anarchist on Anarchy

Among other works of this period was the short book Histoire d’un ruisseauin which he traced the development of a great river from source to mouth. If it be true that we have duties, one towards the other, are we not responsible for the servitude, the cold, eilseo hunger, the miseries of every sort, which doom the unfortunate to untimely deaths?

Governments, in their quality of social delegates, are charged on behalf of the community with the enforcement of justice, a sort of retaliation somewhat more enlightened than that of the savage. This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat II Hence we may say that, in letting those whom they govern — and the responsibility for whose fate they thereby accept — waste by want, sink under exposure, elideo deteriorate by vice, the leaders of modern society have committed moral bankruptcy.