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He studied general linguistics and Hungarian language and literature at the University of Groningen. Inhe defended his PhD dissertation at the same university. The topic of his thesis was a generative analysis of asymmetric and symmetric configurations in Elektronlka syntax.

From he is affiliated to the Faculty of Humanities of the University fusetek Amsterdam. On March 27,he was fuzetfk the title of “honorary professor of the Gumilyov Eurasian National University”. His basic interest is in the field of humanities but he is keen to team up in the intersection of different disciplines, including science see Academia. I consider scientific research as one of the most important venues in order to gain deeper insight into knowledge.

A fruitful strategy is to investigate how earlier scholars, especially polymaths have approached this issue in relation to language, languages and linguistics. The study of languages and their structures is the diamond of humanities.

The latter has been neglected for no reasons at all. It is precisely the switching between science and humanities that is fascinating in the projects of the Bolyais. If we want to understand more about the universal fuzetel of knowledge we must go deep into the study of these back-and-forth conversions and transformations.

I am myself a bilingual native speaker of Dutch and Hungarian. I consider bi- and multilingual linguistic studies in the first place an introspection into my own mind or if you want into my own head. But not less relevant than the neuropsychological perspective is of course the perspective onto the social and cognitive world of multilingual speakers.

This has a number of political, social, educational and communicative aspects relevant to study.

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The discipline to make this quantum leap true is language policy, i. One of the most important scientific results of nineteenth century are the reconstruction of language families and the idea that the convergences between the languages in such families can be represented in a binary branching tree-diagram. Note that there is a clear connection with the Darwinian program.


You only need to substitute languages for species. These results of 19 th centuries humanities have been challenged from the beginning of the twentieth century. In my historical studies of the Hungarian language it is clear that Hungarian has relatively little to do with Finnish and that it has relatively more to do with Turkic but fuzetel language are not the same.

So, digging elekronika the driving forces of these classifications, i. The patterns come together in the concept of Eurocentrism that leads us into the world of images and stereotypes. Processes of globalization have a large impact on the course of the world and simultaneously on everyday life.

They affect political, social and economic realities.

Every project spelled out in this profile, i. Highly relevant for political globalization — and it has my attention – is the issue of security that is clearly connected to geopolitical questions.

Geopolitical analysis and fusetek go hand-in-hand. As researchers fuetek humanities we cannot avoid to study culture and language against the backdrop of globalization processes that has intensified in the modern times but were present before.

The most important research questions for me are: How did globalization affect the languages and cultures in historical entities, like the Habsburg Empire? International fuzerek between states and politics is about the struggle for influences and the realization of self-interests.

Geopolitics has not changed by globalization: In modern times a layer of norms and values guarded by supranational and international organizations is on the top of the world system of states.


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életrajz – Irodalom – Famulus- idegen nyelvű könyvek

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