Mar 18 2020

View and Download Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity user manual online. Electri6ity Software pdf manual download. Electri6ity is the latest in performance‑oriented virtual guitar instruments, and . way of performing legato slides with precise manual control over their speed. Two incredible acoustic and electric guitar virtual instruments bundled together.

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The philosophy of Electri6ity is to make a virtual guitar and the Settings page is the heart of this goal. On a guitar, things are a little diff erent. Hammer On or a Pull Off for example if you play a trill.

While the most important parameters controlling playback can be found on the Performance Page, the Settings Page is designed to give you the possibility to control almost every aspect of the guitar simulation. Vir2 Instruments Acou6tics Electri6ity Bundle Two incredible acoustic and electric guitar virtual instruments bundled together.

The Performance Page also utilizes the most advanced scripting to date, including the revolutionary Articulation Morphing Technology A. Manuap 21 This technique allows to play notes higher than the highest sustain note on the fretboard.

This has two benefits working in a sequencer: Add FX and chose which style of amp to send the guitar through. Depending on the tempo a guitarist is playing, the time between the ‘click’ and the tone may vary and it’s not unusual that the actual tone is delayed 50ms after you hear the picking noise.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Visit a product page and add some tracks to your playlist. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The samples may not be included, whether unmodified or as part of a derivative work, in any sample library product.

All morph [AMT] tag articulations with an can be easily morphed with your Expression Pedal in this mode. electri6igy

Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity Manual User Manual | Page 28 / 60

Strum and pick trigger keys are very important to work around the one of the biggest problems which occurs if Electri6ity The ultimate virtual electric guitar instrument. An impressive amount of samples allow you to play every articulation on every fret of every string for an absolutely authentic guitar sound. The table shows the release noise electri6ty how it is selected.

Your playlist is currently empty. A latency of 50ms or more isn’t suitable for live playing, so that’s the reason leectri6ity helpful to tweak the settings after recording a MIDI track before you’ll do the fi nal mixdown.

It is able to play two different kind of slides which can be played on janual guitar: Page 50 Is this really necessary? Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. For optimum performance, Vir2 Instruments recommends a 2.

Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity Realism Guide User Manual

Downstrokes, upstrokes, seamless velocity layers, ghost notes, mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pulloffs, slides, releases, and FX…the sky is the limit with Electri6ity. BASiS Master of the low end Add to Electti6ity earn 15 kredits. These instructions have been prepared in Logic Pro 8, although Kontakt may also work in earlier versions if the computer meets the system requirements.


Electri6ity demos, screenshots, videos and product information can be found HERE. All samples remain the property of Vir2 Instruments and are licensed mahual for use in the creation of a live manuaal recorded performance that includes the licensed samples as part of a derivative musical work created by the licensed end user.

Plug-in, Kontakt Player 5, Kontakt 5. Add drive for full, crunchy sound or use the EQ to shape the perfect tone.

Electri6ity – Electric Guitar Kontakt Library

Any unlicensed usage will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. The FX samples have been spread across the entire playable range of the guitar, with one FX sample to each chromatic key. All of these versions ship in the same box.

Cinematic Guitars Capture the ambient guitar sound design revolution. The Fretboard displays the location of where a sample is triggered. Page 42 the strumming here. Add to Basket earn 18 kredits. After you purchase the product you will be provided with a serial number. Here is an short overview: Add to Basket earn 30 kredits.