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CD-ROM CATALOG VA. Links To Catalog ELASTIMOLD®. 5kVkV Distribution Products s SEPARABLE CONNECTORS s CABLE JOINTS. U.S. contractors and specifiers have made our web catalog their number one stop. . Elastimold® Separable Connectors, Cable Joints, Cable Terminators. Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories MV HV Catalogue Elastimold elbows, separable connectors, cable joints, terminations and cable accessories are.

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Ordering Example A To order a 4-point, 15kV junction with 4″ spacings and Series interfaces on the outside ways and amp wells on the inside ways, specify Catalog Number J To order the kits as components of other items, add the suffix to the end of the catalog number. To order a cold-shrinkable jacket seal as a component of an elbow kit, use catalog number LR-AS.

As the core is removed, the stress-relief tube and housing shrink onto the cable at the same time, in exactly the right position. Includes long bi-metal contact X. To order a cold-shrinkable tube as a separate item, use catalog number ECS.

Stick-Op Kit includes insulated cap; Stick-Op Loadbreak reducing tap plug; Series Elbow Housing; cable adapter; and threaded style compression lug.

Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories

Copper lug for copper cable only. Equipped with insulated cuff. Additional connecting points and taps can be provided by use catxlog junctions or feed-thrus.

Refer to factory for application details. Incudes X long bi-metal contact. Waterproof connector designed for outdoor use Light-weight. Retrofit Cam-Op connector kit includes: See Tables W1 and X1 for sizes. Complete the ordering information by selecting and inserting the symbol given in the W table into the elasfimold number.



All deadbreak elbows are equipped with test points as standard. Do elastiimold substitute threaded X lug. ESA Elbow Arresters are also available with a A deadbreak interface for mating with other deadbreak accessories.

Additional Margin of Protection An additional margin of protection may be gained by adding an arrester at the next transformer upstream on each side of the open point. The Cam-Op and Link-Op connectors are unique, allowing all hotstick operations to be completed without moving the cable, an important consideration when large, stiff cables prohibit movement. When specified, all catqlog crimp-style connectors can eelastimold furnished.

Aluminum barrel connectors are designed for use on either aluminum or copper conductor cable. The bushings incorporate IEEE standard interfaces shown on page 3 and are constructed of molded epoxy with stainless steel flanges for mounting by welding or gasketed clamp.

Power, signal, and control wiring. Metal oxide varistor elbow M. Catallog Brackets1 W 6. Gains approximately 4″ of repair length. See Tables W1 and X8 for sizes.

Retrofit Link-Op connector kit includes: Indicates field that must be filled elastiold to complete order.

Insert code into catalog number. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. S Deadbreak Apparatus Connectors. The next chart shows switching and fault close ratings which only apply to Amp Load-Break Connectors.

Ratings Overview See page H—2 for complete information.

ELASTIMOLD CATALOG SP2. Issue Date: 03/2003

Consult accessory manufacturer for proper selection of accessories. Loadbreak connectors are designed and rated for use on grounded WYE systems. Style 1 units are ideally suited for straight splicing of the same or similar cable.


A ttach the neutral wires or optional ground braid to the system ground per local code. Bi-metallic connectors are constructed with a copper top and an aluminum barrel.

One of the elbow arresters could be mounted on the H1A bushing if operating procedures permit. Field assembly is greatly simplified, because all electrical stress-management elements have been provided during the factory-molding process rather than being fabricated in the field. A unit substation consists of one or more transformers mechanically.

Kit includes aluminum compression connector suitable for splicing aluminum conductor to aluminum conductor catalpg aluminum conductor to copper conductor. Requires 3 threaded studs on equipment faceplate for installation. Optional accessories allow visible external separation, bypass, isolation, dead-ending, grounding and testing as well as adding taps, surge arresters and circuit protection.

Ratings Overview See page H-2 for complete information. H United States Tel: L-Kits and VS-Kits do not include cable adapters, compression lugs or adapter retaining rings. As standard, these connectors are constructed with a tin-plated aluminum barrel filled with an oxide inhibitor. This section applies to the design and installation of transformers.

These connectors are Eelastimold for use on copper conductor cable and are not for use with aluminum conductor cables. To order a cold shrinkable tube as a separate item, use the part number ECS. Aluminum lug for use on aluminum or copper conductors.