Apr 29 2020

Call Number: Beinecke MS (Request the physical item to view in our reading room). Alternate Title: Voynich Manuscript. Date: [ca. ?] Genres. Copyright René Zandbergen, – Note from the author (08/05/).

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The Voynich Manuscript

Lost work of DaVinci? Based on the subject matter of the drawings, the contents of the manuscript falls into six sections: First Botany, then Stars, Then people, then recipes. Picture instead of words these are musical chords.

Baltic Finns have a tradition of banya or spa, and Finnish women have traditionally given birth in the sauna. The person using the image is liable for any infringement. I’ve made some translations of the plants into the Macedonian language. The root systems are separated in the early pages and seem to become connected as the the manuscript continues. Even though this was wrote years prior.


Trying to disregard the text and only looking at the diagrams will not give much insight since any one drawing can be interpreted a thousand different ways. I am not sure whether someone mentioned this previously or not.

But also we start to see stars depicted with plants, these stars I believe to be seeds or seedlings. People think too hard about this People think vognich hard about this.


I am ready to debate word by word, because this is absolute truth, with evidence provided, No guess work here. Nickel – Zinc Lunar period cycles.

Manuscrito Voynich – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

The implements the gravid women are holding seem to center around midwifery. Each character is defined, no guess work here.

The use of this image may be subject to the copyright law of the United States Title 17, United States Code or to site license or other rights management terms and conditions. This looks so familiar.

The theory of it being a coded text I also disregard since maanuscrito coding mechanisms for the dated time was primitive but very effective back then.

The Voynich Manuscript

For years now, people have been complaining that the alchemists were a pack of wolves operating in a den of iniquity; perhaps here’s some solid proof that at least one of them actually was. There is written the at Czech language.

The Voynich Manuscript is a document that is notable for its strange text, that to date hasn’t been decyphered. I do know that, viewing it in manuscritp entirety, I was left with an uncomfortable “feeling”. Return e, Main Site: I have also noticed the use of an “H” like symbol in the text.

Based on the pictures, and what I have read about the manuscript, it seems like an observation of the world, plants and people.

But master cryptographers with computers today will have no problem breaking the code.


The Voynich Manuscript Item Preview. Each symbol has two characters.

Navyarao – – August 9, Subject: My view on it I took descargag look at every page closely If you study the history of Landa languages. Here is the link for uncovering the greatest ,anuscrito manuscript and the logic behind https: A pox e-lapse Wayn icht – B’s Whacts yes more please I looked at maanuscrito a total of 15 minutes and intuitivitely gather, because engaged elsewhere while retiring, this could be a reverse engineering formula for plant distillation – elixer of life- or if men are involved a way to make gold I prefer long life Light Why was dirt left off rooting Hip hip hooray for the old gals Or green man.

The resulting text seems to be rather artificial. HPalakat87 – favorite favorite favorite – August 26, Subject: I also felt that some of the flower paintings resembled that native Asian flowers esp one picture resembled the LOTUS flower leaf.

It is the older story in human history there are some crops that are planted at growing moon and some other have to be after the day desdargar frost. I will translate this one in English as soon as possible.